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Summary 0005098: The texture inspoector will not show all the 'in-use' textures.
Revision 05.05.2020 21:00 by Bikerdude
Steps To Reproduce I have found out what was happening and how it was happening -

- open DR and load a map.
- then click into the search field box in the texture inspector.
- pressing escape doesn't take you out of (or focus away from) the above search box.
- if you click anywhere other that the camera view or orthoview, focus stays with the search box.

I have been pressing escape all this time and not realizing that the bloody cursor was still blinking away in the above search box, bah!
Revision 06.01.2020 22:05 by Bikerdude
Steps To Reproduce - Open DR.
- Use as normal for a while
- click on media explorer>
-- only a fraction of your in-use textures are being shown
Revision 02.01.2020 15:20 by Bikerdude
Steps To Reproduce