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0005310DarkRadiantGeneralpublic25.08.2020 04:37
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Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0005310: Add a way to teleport to coordinates
DescriptionThe TDM game has commands:
  setviewpos x y z a b c
The first one prints coordinates and Euler angles, the second one teleports player to coordinates and orients by angles.
Note that angles are options, since in most cases user don't need them.

It would be great to have similar feature in DR, be it a separate dialog or just a scripting command.
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24.08.2020 17:55

updater   ~0012758

CTRL+MIDDLEMOUSE button can move the camera to a point in one of the ortho views
MIDDLEMOUSE button + move cursor changes the camera to look at the mouse in the ortho views

In DR they are called Drag Camera and Drag View

You should be able to get what you want using those two.


25.08.2020 04:37

administrator   ~0012759

With ortho view, I can only set two coordinates. How to set third coordinate?
And for it to happen, I have to monitor coordinates while moving mouse, which takes some time and effort.

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