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0005599The Dark ModPhysicspublic10.11.2021 04:01
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tostgatilov  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product VersionTDM 2.09 
Target VersionTDM 2.10 
Summary0005599: Improve grabber on lightweight objects
DescriptionGrabbing lightweight objects is very dangerous, because they easily reach high velocities from small mouse movements.
They push nearby objects around and often bring noise, if not handled carefully.

I'd like to do a few improvements to this.
Additional InformationOriginally reported here:
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related to 0003543 new Bad physics for small moveables 
related to 0001081 assignedIshtvan Grabber: Repeated collision sounds when sliding 




01.05.2021 17:07

administrator   ~0013940

Last edited: 05.05.2021 14:46

Committed some possible changes:
  r9334. Scale velocity limit with amount of time "throw" button was held, just like impulse.
  [REVERTED] r9335. Apply velocity limit to dragged object, add mass of player's arm to mass of dragged object.

In case there are not good, simply revert both of them (or one of them separately).


05.05.2021 14:40

administrator   ~0013957

Last edited: 05.05.2021 14:46

More changes (follow-up for velocity limit of dragged object):
  [REVERTED] r9338. Raise velocity limit when grabbed object is far from the center of the screen.


07.05.2021 04:08

administrator   ~0013968

First of all, I have reverted my prior changes in dragging code:
  r9340. Reverted recent changes to grabber.
The changes in throwing code remain.

Then I added a whole new mode for grabber:
  r9346. Added idVec3::ProjectToConvexCone method for "sliding" physics behavior.
  r9347. Implemented new grabber.
(the first commit does not change behavior, only adds utility function)

The new grabber is enabled under tdm_drag_new cvar (enabled by default).
Its behavior is controlled by cvars like tdm_drag2_XXX.

The most important is tdm_drag2_rigid_silentmode: it controls when "silent" mode is used.
The silent mode disabled all impulses to other objects and bounce sounds, as well as stims, script events, fx, etc.


15.05.2021 06:54

administrator   ~0014020

Started a thread for feedback:


10.11.2021 04:01

administrator   ~0014526

There is one problem in the new grabber:

Basically, we are supposed to be able to lift rat corpse.
Now dragging force is 80% of weight, so player cannot take the corpse off the ground.

Just raising the force leads to rat oscillating in the air, so some kind of damping is needed for such ragdolls...

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