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greebo greebo core_module 2020-05-17 15:35:25 core_module 638e9184
Affected Issues  0005231: Extract Radiant core such that it can be instantiated from outside the main executable
Changeset 0005231: Rename EntityCreator to EntityModule
mod - include/ientity.h Diff File
mod - libs/entitylib.h Diff File
mod - libs/scene/BasicRootNode.h Diff File
mod - libs/wxutil/preview/ModelPreview.cpp Diff File
mod - libs/wxutil/preview/ParticlePreview.cpp Diff File
mod - plugins/dm.conversation/ConversationDialog.cpp Diff File
mod - plugins/dm.difficulty/DifficultySettingsManager.cpp Diff File
mod - plugins/dm.objectives/ObjectivesEditor.cpp Diff File
mod - plugins/script/interfaces/EntityInterface.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/Makefile.am Diff File
mod - radiant/map/Map.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/map/RegionManager.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/map/RootNode.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/map/format/Doom3MapReader.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/map/format/Quake3MapReader.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/map/format/portable/PortableMapReader.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/selection/algorithm/Curves.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/selection/algorithm/Entity.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/uimanager/animationpreview/AnimationPreview.cpp Diff File
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