Scheduled For Release 31/10/2020
0005370: [General] Cubic clip button doesn't toggle. (greebo)
0005338: [Design/Coding] Split Camera code into model and UI (greebo)
0005346: [Map Editing] TDM Game Connection Plugin (stgatilov)
0005361: [Design/Coding] Unit testing infrastructure (Linux) (greebo)
0005367: [Compilation/Build] Need better Python detection in (greebo)
0005368: [Compilation/Build] Console warning in Linux when loading undefined symbol: RegisterModule (greebo)
0005200: [Design/Coding] Unit testing infrastructure (greebo)
0005356: [Map Editing] Moving a clipper point always sets position on one axis back to 0 (greebo)
0005358: [GUI] Skin listing issues in Skin Chooser (greebo)
0005357: [GUI] Add search function in Skin Chooser (greebo)
0005263: [Map Editing] "Model Scaler" doesn't handle model duplication correctly (or perhaps consistently) (greebo)
0005235: [GUI] Highlight a model in orthoview and its selected in 'map info' inspector (greebo)
0005345: [Sound System] Feature: Display Estimated Duration of Sound Clip (greebo)
0005306: [General] Add a 'Reload Sounds' options to the menu (greebo)
0005310: [General] Add a way to teleport to coordinates (via Console Command or Python) (greebo)
0005348: [GUI] Clipper cursor persists when switching out of clipper mode (greebo)
0005342: [GUI] Feature: display which file an entity or soundshader is defined in (greebo)
0005347: [Map Editing] Crash if pressing backspace while drawing a brush (greebo)
0005180: [Design/Coding] Simplify Commands and Event registration (greebo)
0005344: [Map Editing] Change CSG Merge such that only brushes sharing the same parent entity get merged (greebo)
0005336: [Map Editing] Crash when using CSG Merge on brushes that are entities (greebo)
0005343: [Design/Coding] Unit Test Infrastructure Phase 2 (greebo)
0005290: [GUI] 'Delete property' is greyed out when multiple properties are selected (greebo)
0005248: [GUI] Difficulty editor doesn't show classnames when typing instead of selecting them from the dropdown list (greebo)
0005289: [Saving and loading] Particle editor creates .prt files incorrectly (greebo)
0005337: [GUI] Crash in PrefabChooser dialog when using type-search while a prefab is loaded (greebo)
0005288: [GUI] Exit search field in child window by pressing escape (greebo)
0005269: [General] Escaped EOLN in entity spawnarg is turned into real EOLN (greebo)
0005275: [Shader System] DarkRadiant will not show DDS textures that are stored uncompressed (non-DXT) (orbweaver)
0005278: [General] Config files should go under ".config" (orbweaver)
0005277: [GUI] Improve usability of class selection in Difficulty editor (orbweaver)
0005276: [GUI] Render mode icons are difficult to distinguish in certain environments (orbweaver)
0005264: [Map Editing] Add `monster_player_clip_wood` to list of filtered clip textures (greebo)
0005246: [Map Editing] Texture Tool / UV Tool grid size (greebo)
0005243: [GUI] DR lockup/freeze while cleaning up brushes using subtract/cutting tools. (greebo)
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Scheduled For Release 15/02/2021
0005341: [Sound] Menu Music can't be switched off during a mission
0005334: [Graphics] White rectangle blinks when in-game text appears
0005332: [AI] Dice thrower model missing
0005319: [Script/Def] Trigger_multiple stops working if AI stops moving
0004289: [AI] Examine blackjacking rules
0005285: [Graphics] Remove old backend's depth/interaction/stencil stages
0005184: [Models] Issues with new manbeast/werebeast/zombie assets
0004726: [Distribution] Check I18N links on Mission web pages
0005261: [Design/Coding] Extend localization system to understand string placeholders
0001728: [Textures] Need an altered glass texture or decal for when glass has been moss-arrowed
0004623: [Design/Coding] Tweak the "Click when ready" screen rendered views order
0005163: [GUI] Allow to configure gamma/brightness in menu with quick preview
0004727: [Physics] Noisemaker arrow will cling to a func_fracture instead of breaking it or bouncing off
0004140: [Animation] Ai head butting during combat
0004060: [GUI] Examine mission names and how they're displayed on the GUIs
0004983: [Physics] AIs randomly dying with uncapped and low FPS
0004970: [Design/Coding] Avoid problems with rotation-resized models (stgatilov)
       0005251: [Graphics] Visual glitch - scissors?
0004825: [Graphics] Investigate approach to avoid/reduce light toggling on surfaces (stgatilov)
0005191: [Def / Setup] Create x-ray material (duzenko)
0004306: [Graphics] Semi-opaque water
0004627: [Sound] Sound volume option is not respected
0005037: [Mapping] dmap crashes on specific map (stgatilov)
0004233: [Coding] Crash during runAAS (stgatilov)
0004947: [Sound System] Add some form of impact sound to mantling
0004124: [Coding] System auto-detection: for main menu config settings
0004955: [Mapping] Wrongly black interaction light on a crate
0004931: [Design/Coding] Investigate frob highlight accuracy improvements
0004352: [Feature proposal] Add Vine Arrow Practice to the Training Mission
0004907: [Sound System] Make OpenAL settings more configurable inside TDM
0004299: [AI] Wench head flutters when using an elevator
0004977: [Feature proposal] Player lantern should move with player while leaning
0004982: [AI] KO'ed AI should drown faster
0004222: [Coding] Might be a Mission Stats problem with registering alerts
0002758: [GUI] Arms detach from body on pause
0004881: [Sound] Apply EFX to location of player's ear, and not the player's origin
0005258: [Sound] func_listener not working in a cinematic?
0005259: [AI] Crash in game code
0005360: [TDM Updater] Error "Assertion pos != std::string::npos" when starting updater (stgatilov)
0005349: [Coding] Implement priorities for FM download mirrors. (stgatilov)
0004364: [Feature proposal] RGTC Normal Map compression (duzenko)
0005323: [Coding] Improve menu GUI and remove unexpected overrides of menu GUI files (stgatilov)
0005307: [Graphics] Accountant 1: machine arrows have black background (duzenko)
0005320: [Design/Coding] When Always Run is enabled, the Creep modifier does nothing (AluminumHaste)
0005170: [Coding] Fix console warnings (stgatilov)
0005284: [Graphics] Remove outdated rendering cvars (cabalistic)
0004698: [Coding] Timescale command doesn't work with uncapped FPS / com_fixedTic 1 (stgatilov)
0005324: [Coding] Refactor times and clocks (stgatilov)
0005316: [Design/Coding] Hot reload feature (stgatilov)
0003135: [Coding] Add per-pixel material definitions ("material maps")
0004866: [Graphics] Make use of MultiDraw functions
0005250: [Distribution] New differential update and weekly builds (stgatilov)
0005291: [Graphics] Gamma/brightness have no effect underwater (cabalistic)
0005286: [AI] Number of times seen: not increased when civilian detects player at close range (stgatilov)
0005239: [Graphics] Reflection probes support in the engine (cabalistic)
0004915: [GUI] Create HD version of briefing_video (Springheel)
0005282: [GUI] Readables look stretched in widescreen modes (AluminumHaste)
0005280: [Graphics] r_useDebugGroups crashes with AMD cards (cabalistic)
0004944: [GUI] Adjust names for launching mission (Obstler)
0004975: [GUI] Add proper scaling to the new inventory grid (Obstler)
0004980: [Graphics] Front-facing shadow face casts back-shadow when it should not (duzenko)
0004550: [Coding] Cleanup of SIMD code (stgatilov)
0004813: [Graphics] Consider OpenGL "no-error context" option
0005252: [Distribution] Create official mirror for code repo on GitHub (stgatilov)
0005076: [TDM Updater] Switch updater/packager Linux build from SCons to CMake. (stgatilov)
0005186: [Mapping] Make prefabs with rotation hacks comply with new rules (stgatilov)
0002626: [GUI] Add mouse-over help for menu entries (Obstler)
0004430: [Coding] Allow TDM to run on non-primary monitors (duzenko)
0004680: [Graphics] Falloff and projection textures replacement (duzenko)
0004090: [AI] Chain mail shadows (Springheel)
0004692: [Models] An openable version of display_case01.lwo (Springheel)
0004828: [Sound System] Player voice is played when you restart St.Lucia mission (Springheel)
0004478: [GUI] Highlighted menu items are sometimes difficult to read
0005049: [GUI] Checkboxes and objective states missing from Objectives Screen when displayed after Mission Failure (Obstler)
0005190: [Coding] Frontend optimizations due to connectedness of entities/surfaces (stgatilov)
0005189: [Coding] shadowworldonly light keyword for shadows optimization (stgatilov)
0004634: [Graphics] Inn Business: ambient light on a rug in tavern is not smooth (stgatilov)
0004769: [Coding] Remove DirectInput --- last dependency on Windows SDK (duzenko)
0004713: [Script/Def] Starting new script thread with method is wrong (stgatilov)
0005172: [Coding] Improve interaction culling: case when player-visible object is not visible from light (stgatilov)
0005169: [Coding] Clean multithreading routines (cabalistic)
0005138: [Coding] Refactor particle systems code (stgatilov)
0005136: [Graphics] Wrong bounds of particle system (stgatilov)
0004660: [Graphics] Soft shadows: sometimes light leaks near edges (in complete darkness) (stgatilov)
0004341: [Sound] Conversation sound will abort during a save (stgatilov)
0005141: [Coding] idImage::ActuallyLoadImage should always load CPU-side data (stgatilov)
0005331: [Physics] Doors get stuck sometimes: neither player nor AI can open them (stgatilov)
0005322: [Coding] Allow paths with hyphens in skins (stgatilov)
0005318: [AI] Crash when opening golden door in "Hidden Hands: The Lost Citadel" (stgatilov)
0005302: [Coding] House of Locked Secrets: crash because inventory cursor points to empty category (stgatilov)
0005296: [Coding] Implement FP exceptions handling: crash on NaN (stgatilov)
0005294: [GUI] Some book fonts look wrong: thick & not antialiasing (stgatilov)
0005283: [Graphics] Update GLAD loader to GL 3.3 (stgatilov)
0005238: [Graphics] Reduce CPU draw call overhead in the backend (cabalistic)
0005237: [Coding] Improve FBO management (cabalistic)
0005274: [Def / Setup] Elementals sometimes make zombie sounds (Dragofer)
0005273: [Def / Setup] Blue flame elementals added (Dragofer)
0005272: [Def / Setup] Duplicate material/skin/sound defs causing console warnings at startup (beta 2.08) (Dragofer)
0004946: [Graphics] Candle Flame Particle Behind Wall Shows in a Mirror (duzenko)
0005365: [Graphics] Portal Sky has been partially broken since 2.05 (duzenko)
0005028: [Coding] Crash on loading game in March of Rahena (EV_UpdateCameraTarget) (stgatilov)
0005165: [GUI] Add tooltip explanations to settings in graphics menu (stgatilov)
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Scheduled For Release 20/07/2021
0005333: [Coding] Reimplement AF editor: either in-game with FLTK, or in DarkRadiant with game connection (stgatilov)
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