Scheduled For Release 20/12/2021
0005589: [GUI] Material Editor: Add Reload Images button to reload the textures of the selected shader (greebo)
0005590: [Models] ASE import failure loading models/darkmod/nature/flowers/flowers_patch_01.ase (greebo)
0005572: [GUI] Material Editor (greebo)
       0005570: [GUI] Material Editor: ability to choose the preview's light entityDef (greebo)
       0005567: [Renderer] Material Editor: Basic Mode GUI (greebo)
       0005565: [GUI] Material Editor: Save/Export Handling (greebo)
       0005532: [GUI] Material Editor: Ground Work (greebo)
0005541: [GUI] Customisable GUI layout (orbweaver)
0005586: [GUI] Crash at shutdown when Dockable layout is active (greebo)
0005585: [Scripting] Extend MaterialManager scripting interfaces by editing methods (greebo)
0005566: [Renderer] Material stages with alpha test are incorrectly rendered as translucent (greebo)
0005578: [GUI] LayerControl::_updateActive not initialised (greebo)
0005576: [Models] ASE importer needs to handle shared vertices with different normals (greebo)
0005552: [Shader System] Better support for stage transform keywords in idTech4 materials (greebo)
0000108: [Renderer] Ambients don't light sides facing away (orbweaver)
0005571: [Renderer] Table lookup evaluation is not producing the same results as in the engine (greebo)
0002132: [GUI] 3D grid feature (greebo)
0005546: [Renderer] Attached light radii are the wrong colour if "Override light volume colour" is active (orbweaver)
0000289: [GUI] ESC to close dialogs with Cancel (orbweaver)
0005556: [Saving and loading] Add missing image dimension reads to Quake 3 legacy brush parser (greebo)
0001709: [GUI] Show light_radius on 'other' entities (orbweaver)
0005534: [GUI] Opening the Create Entity dialog a second time will present an empty tree view (greebo)
0000994: [Map Editing] Show attached (light) entities (orbweaver)
0005530: [GUI] "Toggle 16x16 grid" function in the Particle Editor broken (greebo)
0005527: [Design/Coding] UI Manager cleanup (greebo)
0005524: [GUI] Add portal_sky filter to default filters (greebo)
0004644: [Models] Use of BITMAP field in ASE differs from TDM (greebo)
0005518: [Map Editing] Newly added or imported items don't use the location of previously selected item (greebo)
0005460: [Map Editing] Newly drawn brushes don't use height of previous selection with "Show Size Info" switched off (greebo)
0004846: [GUI] Rotation widget does not re-center on selected object (greebo)
0005465: [GUI] Brushes with no visible surface towards orthoview "camera" are invisible in orthoview (greebo)
0004735: [Map Editing] Can't select one-sided models in certain 2D views (greebo)
0005266: [Map Editing] Twosided models can only be selected from one side (greebo)
0004791: [GUI] Copy model/entity/prefab paths to clipboard (greebo)
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Scheduled For Release 15/02/2022
0004726: [Distribution] Check I18N links on Mission web pages
0004975: [GUI] Add proper scaling to the new inventory grid
0004289: [AI] Examine blackjacking rules
0005319: [Script/Def] Trigger_multiple stops working if AI stops moving
0004857: [Coding] Build Error due to reference to cpuid.h on PPC64 (stgatilov)
0004627: [Sound] Sound volume option is not respected
0005307: [Graphics] Accountant 1: machine arrows have black background
0005258: [Sound] func_listener not working in a cinematic?
0004881: [Sound] Apply EFX to location of player's ear, and not the player's origin
0005012: [Coding] Shader loaded from frontend crashes on AMD (Crash from heathaze GUI overlay) (stgatilov)
0005538: [Objectives] Segmentation fault when receiving a new objective in mission "WS3: Cleighmoor"
0004364: [Feature proposal] RGTC Normal Map compression
0004634: [Graphics] Decal depth fighting (Inn Business: "rug in tavern is not smooth") (stgatilov)
0005118: [Mapping] No 'Press attack to start' anymore if error message stops first attempt to load map (stgatilov)
0005282: [GUI] Readables look stretched in widescreen modes
0005574: [GUI] Debrief Video: Cuts to Menu Before Start (stgatilov)
0005323: [Coding] Improve menu GUI and remove unexpected overrides of menu GUI files (stgatilov)
       0005341: [Sound] Menu Music can't be switched off during a mission
0005172: [Coding] Improve interaction culling: case when player-visible object is not visible from light (stgatilov)
0005496: [Distribution] Revise wiki article about TDM releases (stgatilov)
0005528: [Coding] Improvements to security cameras (Dragofer)
       0005529: [Textures] Projected lights can't use appropriate falloff images
       0005531: [Coding] Compare security cameras between 2.09 and 2.10beta
0004698: [Coding] Timescale command doesn't work with uncapped FPS / com_fixedTic 1 (stgatilov)
0005549: [Coding] Add Secrets System (Dragofer)
0002626: [GUI] Add mouse-over help for menu entries (Obsttorte)
0005551: [Distribution] Rework FM database to use SVN as primary storage (stgatilov)
0005510: [Coding] Avoid changing desktop resolution on Linux (as on Windows) (cabalistic)
0005427: [Graphics] Move Frob-Highlight to GLSL (cabalistic)
0005293: [Coding] Mouse cursor is moved to the screen center when alt-tab switching (Linux) (cabalistic)
0004352: [Feature proposal] Add Vine Arrow Practice to the Training Mission (kingsal)
0005261: [Design/Coding] Extend localization system to understand string placeholders (stgatilov)
0002935: [Physics] Mines tossed onto a thin func_static can have a physics problem (stgatilov)
0005285: [Graphics] Remove old backend's depth/interaction/stencil stages (cabalistic)
0004915: [GUI] Create HD version of briefing_video (Goldwell)
0005170: [Coding] Fix console warnings (stgatilov)
0005495: [Distribution] Terminate tdm_update support (stgatilov)
0005076: [TDM Updater] Switch updater/packager Linux build from SCons to CMake. (stgatilov)
0005476: [Graphics] Bindless Textures causes freezes and stutter when changing Anisotropic Filtering in a loaded Mission (cabalistic)
0005239: [Graphics] Reflection probes support in the engine (cabalistic)
0005169: [Coding] Clean multithreading routines (cabalistic)
0005284: [Graphics] Remove outdated rendering cvars (cabalistic)
0005252: [Distribution] Create official mirror for code repo on GitHub (stgatilov)
0004090: [AI] Chain mail shadows (Springheel)
0005189: [Coding] shadowworldonly light keyword for shadows optimization (stgatilov)
0005190: [Coding] Frontend optimizations due to connectedness of entities/surfaces (stgatilov)
0005286: [AI] Number of times seen: not increased when civilian detects player at close range (stgatilov)
0005324: [Coding] Refactor times and clocks (stgatilov)
0005314: [Graphics] While loading a game there are weird texts or graphics displayed in the first second (cabalistic)
0005414: [Coding] Remove "g_entityBindNew 0" old code (stgatilov)
0005333: [Coding] Reimplement AF editor: either in-game with FLTK, or in DarkRadiant with game connection (stgatilov)
0005353: [Feature proposal] Feature: Finer-grained DMap Warning for "dropped" visportals (stgatilov)
0004550: [Coding] Cleanup of SIMD code (stgatilov)
0005587: [Sound] Add setting to control EFX Reverb Strength (nbohr1more)
0005280: [Graphics] r_useDebugGroups crashes with AMD cards (stgatilov)
0005580: [Coding] Dmap : better windings precision (stgatilov)
0005486: [Coding] dmap: close vertices due to numeric errors, and bloomed sparklies (stgatilov)
0005468: [Graphics] Debug rendering like s_drawSounds does not work under com_smp (cabalistic)
0004713: [Script/Def] Starting new script thread with method is wrong (stgatilov)
0005564: [Coding] OpenAL: bsinc resampler buggy in 1.19.1 (stgatilov)
0005562: [Coding] dmap: various optimizations (stgatilov)
0005488: [Coding] dmap: faster optimize algorithm (stgatilov)
0005439: [Coding] Alleviate entity limit (stgatilov)
0004944: [GUI] Adjust names for launching mission (Obsttorte)
0005049: [GUI] Checkboxes and objective states missing from Objectives Screen when displayed after Mission Failure (Obsttorte)
0005542: [Coding] Crash in idEntity::Event_Frob when lockpick is selected (stgatilov)
0005543: [Objectives] add getObjectiveVisible() scriptevent to the idPlayer spawnclass (Dragofer)
0004731: [Models] Add Epifire's security camera model (Dragofer)
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Scheduled For Release 25/02/2023
0003135: [Coding] Add per-pixel material definitions ("material maps")
0004980: [Graphics] Front-facing shadow face casts back-shadow when it should not (cabalistic)
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