Scheduled For Release 30/11/2022
0006248: [Renderer] RenderableArrow not drawing the tip correctly for arbitrary rotations (greebo)
0006226: [General] DarkRadiant will not start without Dark Mod plugins (orbweaver)
0006198: [GUI] Model Selector widgets are cut off and flicker constantly on Linux (orbweaver)
0006212: [Shader System] Support new frob-related material keywords (greebo)
0006216: [GUI] Light Inspector crashes on Linux (orbweaver)
0006185: [Renderer] Models glitch out when filtering then showing them (greebo)
0006176: [GUI] Skin Editor: models not centered well in preview (greebo)
0006183: [GUI] Silence sound shader button (greebo)
0006180: [GUI] "Copy Resource Path" includes top level folders (greebo)
0006201: [GUI] Add Reload Definitions button to Model Chooser (greebo)
0006189: [Saving and loading] Changing Game/Project doesn't update loaded assets correctly (greebo)
0006199: [GUI] Model Chooser: initially hidden materials aren't revealed when enabling them (greebo)
0006195: [General] Choosing AI entity class 'atdm:townsfolk_commoner_update' causes crash (greebo)
0006187: [GUI] Prefab Selector spams infinite error dialogs on Linux (orbweaver)
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Scheduled For Release 25/02/2023
0006231: [Coding] Delayed fall damage on mantle (stgatilov)
0006241: [GUI] invgrid backdrop conflicts with 'missions list' backdrop (stgatilov)
0006232: [Feature proposal] Allow player choice of "put away weapons" behavior (stgatilov)
0005914: [Sound] Add subtitles to New Job (Dragofer)
0006225: [Coding] Crash during melee combat in training mission (stgatilov)
0006223: [Script/Def] Broken candle entity - atdm:moveable_holder_small_plus_candle_short3 (stgatilov)
0006230: [GUI] Change "New Mission" to "Missions List" (nbohr1more)
0006235: [Feature proposal] Add model to the core mod - ext_mansion01_win01_frame & opener (nbohr1more)
0006237: [Def / Setup] Remove pm_noclipspeed from core def file (nbohr1more)
0006222: [Textures] Typo in texture - textures/darkmod/metal/flat/turquoise_uneven (nbohr1more)
0006229: [GUI] Objectives screen starts without difficulty highlighted (stgatilov)
0006234: [GUI] Objectives screen title bottom cut off (stgatilov)
0005954: [Coding] Optimize idClip: broad-phase collision detection (stgatilov)
0006227: [Coding] Dictionary \ Hash crash in mission CoS: Pearls and Swine ( Linux ) (stgatilov)
0005553: [Graphics] looking in keyhole crash (stgatilov)
0005249: [GUI] Some mission names are not displayed well in the Start mission screen (nbohr1more)
0005880: [Coding] Shadow maps backend should use shadow surfaces (stgatilov)
0006217: [Models] Model with mis-aligned UV (Dragofer)
0005339: [Coding] OSPathToRelativePath warning about tdm_collision_metal (Dragofer)
0006019: [Models] Auto-detecting asset bugs (Dragofer)
0004795: [AI] Material error - shingles_clay_blocky (Dragofer)
0005852: [GUI] Refactor objectives GUI and fix checkboxes in restart GUI (stgatilov)
0005766: [Design/Coding] Support overriding individual decls in FM (stgatilov)
       0005018: [Textures] FM-overridden material definitions do not automatically load in-game (stgatilov)
0006211: [AI] Stealth score not increased if player escapes into darkness while AI is in combat setup (Dragofer)
0006008: [Models] Integrate Wellingtoncrab's custom assets into the core mod (Dragofer)
0006197: [GUI] Subtitles not shown during cutscenes (stgatilov)
0006088: [Coding] Quickloading from bright area to dark area, the player is fully lit for a few frames (stgatilov)
0006208: [Def / Setup] Female AI missing "sleep on floor" anims (Dragofer)
0005051: [Def / Setup] Inherited rotation gets automatically overwritten on door classes (Dragofer)
0004894: [Graphics] Investigate the Rightful Property wall insignia (nbohr1more)
0005279: [Models] Prefabs: potted_large01.pfb is identical to potted_lily1.pfb (Dragofer)
0005183: [Models] Fix atdm:electric_arc_long01 (Dragofer)
0006086: [Models] Broken normal: model/s need to be re-exported. (Dragofer)
0003771: [Models] Models with corrupt or badly scaled textures - ongoing (Dragofer)
0005052: [Models] Spade models have a gap when viewed from behind (Dragofer)
0004636: [Models] models/darkmod/misc/lod/mechanical/boiler02_med.lwo has missing surface (Dragofer)
0004646: [Models] galleon.lwo has a mangled staircase (Dragofer)
0006202: [Models] Integrate RPGista's custom assets into the core mod (Dragofer)
0004687: [Models] Integrate Dragofer's custom assets into the core mod (Dragofer)
0006188: [Models] Integrate Epifire's custom assets into the core mod (Dragofer)
0002960: [GUI] Add Mason font and translate the huge GUI headlines (nbohr1more)
0005286: [AI] Number of times seen: not increased when civilian detects player at close range (Dragofer)
0005170: [Coding] Fix console warnings (stgatilov)
       0005340: [Coding] OSPathToRelativePath mystery warning
0006006: [Mapping] Training Mission: chest in "Keys and Lockpicks" is not linked to its lid (Dragofer)
0006090: [Graphics] Restore ambientCubicMap (stgatilov)
0003051: [Coding] Targeting a bind children causes endless "trigger" loops (duzenko)
0005252: [Distribution] Create official mirror for code repo on GitHub (stgatilov)
0004247: [Animation] Using the crouch key when climbing a ladder or a pipe (stgatilov)
0001746: [Physics] Climbing physics should use crouched player bounding box (stgatilov)
0005962: [Feature proposal] Add "new toggle crouch" (stgatilov)
0004289: [AI] Examine blackjacking rules (Obsttorte)
0005427: [Graphics] Remove frob-highlight stages from materials (stgatilov)
0006016: [Script/Def] Camgoyle improvements (Dragofer)
0005869: [GUI] Better diagnostic for syntax errors in GUI code (stgatilov)
0005828: [Graphics] Try to reduce duplication among shader code. (stgatilov)
0006186: [AI] Tactile alerts don't increment the totalTimePlayerSeen mission statistic (Dragofer)
0006076: [Graphics] Optimize soft stencil shadows limit expensive sampling for near-penumbra regions (stgatilov)
0005314: [Graphics] While loading a game there are weird texts or graphics displayed in the first second (stgatilov)
0006149: [Graphics] Quick loading graphics glitch (stgatilov)
0005875: [Coding] Render same frame in frontend and backend when SMP if off (stgatilov)
0005596: [Graphics] r_lockSurfaces broken (duzenko)
0005673: [Coding] Crash with r_showViewEntities and LOD (cabalistic)
0006175: [Physics] Models hidden at map start are nonsolid and can't be frobbed after show() (nbohr1more)
0005886: [Coding] Add BVH-based optimization for whole-surface processing in renderer frontend (stgatilov)
0005850: [Graphics] Volumetric lights: render to texture then blur (stgatilov)
0005913: [Sound System] Negative sound loss on location separator makes everybody alert (nbohr1more)
0005887: [Coding] Raise trace model limits and optimize memory (stgatilov)
0004206: [Sound] Wooden chests sound exactly like wooden doors (nbohr1more)
0006109: [Graphics] X-ray glasses show stale first frame (duzenko)
0006125: [Textures] chandelier_gas4 model skin missing the lit part main body of model (nbohr1more)
0006119: [Textures] metal_irregularpanes_moonlit - typo in glow/lit stage (nbohr1more)
0006085: [Coding] FixGlobalTjunctions is very slow on large-scale map (stgatilov)
0006089: [Textures] New seethru grate textures based of existing core textures: (nbohr1more)
0006083: [Coding] Find portal area by index (stgatilov)
0005464: [Physics] TDM 2.08-2.09 beta 1: uncapped FPS causing weird player physics (nbohr1more)
0005851: [Graphics] Stencil shadows with multisampling: don't blit whole framebuffer (stgatilov)
0005926: [Design/Coding] tdm_player_thief.def needs to contain default pm_runmod value (nbohr1more)
0005244: [Coding] Can't move in noclip with shouldered NPC's (nbohr1more)
0005218: [Graphics] broken material def (nbohr1more)
0005845: [Coding] TDM crashes when restoring a save done soon after killing an elemental (Dragofer)
0006028: [Coding] GUI: support expressions on right side of Set command (stgatilov)
0006026: [Coding] Wrong order of evaluation in expressions (stgatilov)
0006025: [Models] cabinet_01_openable.pfb has a single large frob control (Dragofer)
0005994: [Textures] Female mage legs are missing a texture (Dragofer)
0005756: [Sound] Shader 'city_sounds_varied" includes sound file with bad path (Dragofer)
0005999: [Textures] Missing specularmap for rivet_strip01 materials (Dragofer)
0005857: [Textures] Updated window asset: round_spokes01 (Dragofer)
0004896: [Textures] Misaligned textures applied to models by burning/burnt log skins (Dragofer)
0005198: [Textures] textures/sfx/bubbles material missing (Dragofer)
0006018: [Models] Door on furnace prefab has wrong origin (Dragofer)
0005689: [Textures] Default grass particles ignore lighting and appear fully bright (Dragofer)
0004427: [Script/Def] Script duplication causing initialisation failure on startup (Dragofer)
0004988: [Sound] "Hardwood" surface uses default stone sound set (Dragofer)
0006004: [Coding] Fixed security cameras don't update colours upon alert change (Dragofer)
0006010: [Models] some of the fence_spike_01_tall models are non-solid (Dragofer)
0005217: [Map Editing] Model path to "nails" changed but skin def not updated (Dragofer)
0005900: [Script/Def] Unlit skin for 6-candle chandelier incomplete (Dragofer)
0004390: [Models] Models with surfaces using "Default' or nonexistent material (Dragofer)
0005319: [Coding] Trigger_multiple stops working if AI stops moving (Obsttorte)
0005690: [Def / Setup] Assets with invalid data (Dragofer)
0001293: [Models] Add a burnt top to torches (Dragofer)
0003987: [Def / Setup] atdm:nature_pine needs a LOD tweak (Dragofer)
0005563: [Textures] Unreferenced Assets (Dragofer)
0005178: [Textures] Unused decal texture files (Dragofer)
0005877: [Script/Def] Typo in shouldered name of manbeasts (Dragofer)
0005989: [Models] kitchen_cupboard_openable.pfb broken (Obsttorte)
0004798: [Textures] Red wallpaper: diffuse doesn't match normalmap (Dragofer)
0005466: [Def / Setup] Some undead post useless console warnings about joints at map start (Dragofer)
0005034: [Def / Setup] Missing assets for sparks.fx (Dragofer)
0005363: [Coding] Func_fractures have incorrect sounds after loading save game (Dragofer)
0000540: [Coding] Add entity scriptfunctions for getting/setting animation rates (Obsttorte)
0005992: [Coding] Experiment with game tics longer than 17 ms (stgatilov)
0005993: [Def / Setup] Remove console warnings from AIs at startup (Dragofer)
0005076: [TDM Installer] Switch updater/packager Linux build from SCons to CMake. (stgatilov)
0005984: [Feature proposal] Add the possibility to "multiloot". (Obsttorte)
0005891: [Graphics] Remove excessive code for bindless texture support (stgatilov)
0005973: [Coding] Change crouch state on key down with crouch toggle (stgatilov)
0005978: [Feature proposal] AI should notice if func_fracture entities (e.g. breakable glass) got broken. (Obsttorte)
0005976: [Script/Def] Add script functions for adding/removing frob peers (Obsttorte)
0005842: [Tweaking] Show asterisk or sharp at the beginning of mission name in in-game downloader. (Obsttorte)
0005967: [Objectives] Allow to silenty change the state of an objective. (Obsttorte)
0005554: [Sound] Strafing left sounds very quiet, while strafing right sounds normal, like moving forward or backward (AluminumHaste)
0005881: [Coding] Revise conan dependencies (stgatilov)
       0005921: [Coding] fails to compile: missing file: unzip.h (stgatilov)
0005944: [Coding] Optimize LOD thinking (stgatilov)
0005648: [Coding] AAS: expanding brush generated almost parallel faces (stgatilov)
0005928: [Coding] Save game while bow is strung yields broken bow on fresh load (stgatilov)
0005839: [Coding] no longer available: zlib/1.2.11 (stgatilov)
0005820: [Coding] Migrate all VC projects to MSVC 2022 (stgatilov)
0005495: [Distribution] Terminate tdm_update support (stgatilov)
0006233: [GUI] Incorrect difficulty highlighted after mission completion (stgatilov)
0003417: [Coding] Downloading Too Late says it failed, but it actually succeeded (stgatilov)
0003065: [Coding] Need inculsive scripting for objects like needle gauges (Dragofer)
0005918: [Saving/Loading] Save game crash on Linux (stgatilov)
0004902: [Graphics] Cubic lights create a banding effect on some surfaces (stgatilov)
0005834: [Coding] Refactor: merge interaction and ambient shaders (stgatilov)
0005855: [Coding] Cutscenes sound out of sync without uncapped FPS (stgatilov)
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Scheduled For Release 01/02/2024
0006245: [Tweaking] Fixing the console warnings (pt2)
0006244: [Physics] Forcefield impulse increases with FPS
0002935: [Physics] Mines tossed onto a thin func_static can have a physics problem
0006099: [Coding] Entity bounds not conservative for animated models
0005896: [Feature proposal] Add screenshots to Tracy profiling
0005889: [Graphics] Finalize volumetric fog lights
0004975: [GUI] Add proper scaling to the new inventory grid
0005906: [Physics] Dropping dead or KO'ed AI into water falls slowly
0005867: [Graphics] Try to support interactions on projected decals
0005868: [Graphics] Interactions rendering with polygonOffset
0003135: [Coding] Add per-pixel material definitions ("material maps")
0005998: [Coding] Can we suppress Sys_QueEvent: Overflow console warnings ?
0005282: [GUI] Readables look stretched in widescreen modes
0005307: [Graphics] Accountant 1: machine arrows have black background
0004980: [Graphics] Front-facing shadow face casts back-shadow when it should not (cabalistic)
0005575: [Sound] When Uncapped FPS is Off, Video Cutscene Loses Audio Sync
0006117: [GUI] Notes/Message in upper-left corner fade in has wrong first frame (duzenko)
0005666: [Sound System] Shooting a noise arrow then picking it up, sound keeps playing - at HIGH FPS
0005772: [Script/Def] Ambient sound: volume does not change if sound is the same
0005172: [Coding] Improve interaction culling: case when player-visible object is not visible from light (stgatilov)
0005190: [Coding] Frontend optimizations due to connectedness of entities/surfaces (stgatilov)
0006224: [Feature proposal] Extend location separator dmap warnings to portal settings (stgatilov)
0006091: [AI] Idle animations can cause ai to see the player behind him. (Obsttorte)
0006214: [Graphics] Cleaning the scissors mess (stgatilov)
0005239: [Graphics] Reflection probes support in the engine (cabalistic)
0004915: [GUI] Create HD version of briefing_video (Goldwell)
0005990: [Coding] Entity scissors sometimes loose (stgatilov)
0004109: [Coding] Updates not showing up in the internal downloader if 'VERSION' of a mission isn't updated (stgatilov)
0005189: [Coding] noshadows mask spawnarg for shadows optimization (stgatilov)
0004352: [Feature proposal] Add Vine Arrow Practice to the Training Mission (kingsal)
0005285: [Graphics] Remove old backend's depth/interaction/stencil stages (cabalistic)
0005835: [Coding] Refactor: merge cubic and other lights (stgatilov)
0006164: [GUI] New features in GUI engine (stgatilov)
0005333: [Coding] Reimplement AF editor: either in-game with FLTK, or in DarkRadiant with game connection (stgatilov)
0004634: [Graphics] Decal depth fighting (Inn Business: "rug in tavern is not smooth") (stgatilov)
0005459: [Coding] Optimize idRenderWorldLocal::CreateLightDefInteractions for ambient_world light (stgatilov)
0005600: [Coding] Crashes due to cvarSystem not being threadsafe (stgatilov)
0005670: [Graphics] Overbright pixels (cabalistic)
0005915: [Distribution] Investigate storing uncompressed FMs in SVN (stgatilov)
0004726: [Distribution] Check I18N links on Mission web pages (nbohr1more)
0005656: [Saving/Loading] Saves broken if "darkmod" occurs in path twice (stgatilov)
0005284: [Graphics] Remove outdated rendering cvars (cabalistic)
0005169: [Coding] Clean multithreading routines (cabalistic)
0005892: [Feature proposal] Cant mantle while carring a body (nbohr1more)
0006242: [Coding] cvar 'tdm_toggle_creep' does nothing (nbohr1more)
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