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0006278The Dark ModMappingpublic22.03.2023 17:43
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006278: Func_Peek lightgem glitch
DescriptionWhen using the func_peek entity in game, the player's lightgem reflects the light value of the room they are peeking into instead of the light value of where the player actually is.

For instance, if the player is standing/crouching in a pitch-black room and peers through a keyhole looking into a brightly lit room, the player's light gem will brighten as though they are standing in that brightly lit room.
Steps To Reproduce1. Load up an FM that uses func_peek entity, such as A Good Neighbor, Written in Stone, or Seeking Lady Leicester
2. Lean forward into a func_peek entity (such as a keyhole on a door) in game.
3. Notice how the lightgem reflects the brightness of the room the player is peering into, not the room the player is actually standing in
Additional InformationPlease let me know if additional description/input is needed by me. I'd be happy to include a test map if required.
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