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0006276The Dark ModSaving/Loadingpublic09.04.2023 18:09
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006276: Frequent saving and reloading/"idle_animations_interval" manipulation po causing ai to path find into monster clip and get stuck
DescriptionOn two missions I have worked on Iris and Seeking Lady Leicester we have had ghost players report instances of ai getting stuck in some corner of the map just repeating a loop of their walking animation. I tired a lot back when I was working on Iris to reproduce this but always struggled to do so. I never saw it in the course of a normal play through and I would open the map and leave it running for hours at a high time scale and never reproduced anything reliably. The screenshots would show the ai usually in a position of the map that would place them inside of a monster clip brush and it would happen often in their playthroughs.

We have been running into this problem again beta testing Seeking Lady Leicester. A tester on SLL pointed out to me that as result of their "ghost" play style they are constantly quick saving and reloading the game sometimes over and over again even if they get a minor alert. This reminded me that the player I was troubleshooting this issue with in Iris was also a ghost player. So I tried starting the map and just really regularly hitting the save and reload keys every few seconds while cruising around the map in noclip and within about five minutes I started to find AI getting stuck in this loop. I reloaded the mission repeating the process and found another one (but only one in this instance) that was stuck in about 10 minutes. If the stuck ai gets an even minor alert level they will revert to their normal patrol - so typical play styles are perhaps less likely to encounter this, but if a player is eagle eyeing the stealth stats and saving and reloading constantly it seems more likely to occur and potentially ruin the experience for them.

I also think this issue may related or exacerbated by manipulating the "idle_animations_interval" spawnarg on ai. I tend to decrease this quite a bit from it's default value of 40 seconds as this makes the ai produce ambient sounds more regularly and provides more variety and character in their animations while they are moving about the map. I believe I had this set at about 18 and was able to produce stuck ai in a reasonably short play time - resetting this 40 and after about 20 minutes I had not encountered any. The kind of random nature of the bug and difficulty of checking all the ai in a given mission makes it hard to say with certainty unfortunately.
Steps To Reproduce-Start a mission
-Save and reload constantly
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