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0005666The Dark ModSound Systempublic22.01.2024 04:34
ReporterAluminumHaste Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Target VersionTDM 2.13 
Summary0005666: Shooting a noise arrow then picking it up, sound keeps playing - at HIGH FPS
DescriptionEDIT: Running with the game with uncapped FPS seems to cause the issue from our limited testing.
If you shoot a noise arrow, then pick it up, the sound keeps playing, and never stops playing.
Happens in 2.09a and latest SVN.

Steps To ReproduceUncap FPS in the options menu.
Set FPS cap high, like 240 fps.

Load up the test map.
Shoot a noise arrow.
Wait 2-3 seconds.
Frob the arrow.
Sound keeps playing forever.
Additional Information

Test Map:
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child of 0004493 resolvedduzenko Some physics events have changed in 2.05 due to faster fps 




11.07.2021 12:33

developer   ~0014152

It also does it in 2.08

It also does it in 2.07.....

You have to leave it sit there for 5 or 6 seconds, then pick it up, sound keeps playing.


12.06.2022 06:14

developer   ~0014869

It appears that this was some sort of formatting issue in the respective script file. After playing around with it the issue was suddenly gone, even after I had reverted the changes. Maybe some sort of hidden character.
Commited script/tdm_ammo_noisemaker_small.script (basically unchanged) with revision 16493.
As I don't know what the issue was counterchecking seems appropriate before closing the issue.


12.06.2022 10:17

administrator   ~0014870

I do not believe that your commit has any effect.
You just removed a few of duplicate EOLs.

If you no longer have the problem, it most likely means that the problem is not 100% reproducible.


12.06.2022 11:38

developer   ~0014872

Last edited: 12.06.2022 11:39

Well, at least I could perfectly reproduce the issue before. I honestly have no clue what the issue is and why it seems gone now.

What I can tell is though that before the arrow was never hidden, hence the sound was played continuosly (there is a loop running in the scriptobject that stops the sound if either enough time has passed or the entity is hidden).

Can you replicate the issue?


12.06.2022 13:23

developer   ~0014874

No still happens in 2.10.
Shoot arrow, wait 2 seconds then pick it up, sound never stops playing for me.


12.06.2022 13:36

developer   ~0014875


Does the same thing in SVN


12.06.2022 14:14

developer   ~0014876

Okay, thanks. Then I'll try what I had originally in mind.


12.06.2022 15:04

developer   ~0014879

I am able to reproduce the error in svn. However, once I add something to the scriptobject of the noisemaker (even if it is just some console output) the error is gone. Weird s*!t happens :/


12.06.2022 16:01

developer   ~0014880

Commited modified noisemaker def and script file. The noisemaker gets hidden by the script (in addition to what the code already does). I am not able to reproduce the bug as it disappears once I touch the respective files, so please countercheck.


12.06.2022 16:56

developer   ~0014881

Nope, still does it.


12.06.2022 18:50

developer   ~0014882

I see. My issue is that I cannot reliably reproduce the error. I would guess it happens in less then 10% of the cases on my end, but if it does often several times in a row.


12.06.2022 19:15

developer   ~0014884

Is it possible it's more affected by high fps? I'm running it at 240fps to match my monitor, what are you running at?


13.06.2022 06:31

developer   ~0014891

I'm running at 60FPS. A short test with higher framerates implies that you might be on to something. To countercheck you could try setting it to 60FPS and see if the issue becomes more rare.
It would explain why this isn't reported that often (if it got even reported by someone else), as most FM's will probably not run at such high frame rates for most players.

The issue is that I tried to track down the code involved into this (frob and sound) but couldn't find where the hiding and sound stopping actually takes place. The latter might be something implicit in the sound system (default stop of sound if the emitter got removed or so) but neither the frob code nor the frob action script cause the hiding of the arrow upon frob. It's hard to fix something if you don't know where stuff takes place.

I may take another look during the week, maybe I've overseen something. But as I can't promise to find something I unassigned the issue from myself.


13.06.2022 12:18

developer   ~0014892

Last edited: 13.06.2022 12:21

Damn, it is related to high FPS or uncapped FPS at least.

With Uncap FPS OFF, I can't get it to happen.

With Uncap FPS ON, but set to 60 fps, I got it to happen once.
With Uncap FPS ON, with 240 fps, happens every time, if you wait 2-3 seconds before picking it up.

I did notice that at higher FPS, the arrow almost immediately stops bouncing around on the ground, but at 60 fps, the arrow continues to bounce and move around.
I think that's normal as the arrow is supposed to have a mechanical noise maker that makes it bounce around.

EDIT: uncap FPS command toggles com_fixedTic to 1.


13.06.2022 12:23

developer   ~0014894

I've updated the bug report with this new information, new steps to reproduce and a link to download a test map.


15.11.2022 06:27

developer   ~0015428

Last edited: 15.11.2022 06:28

How the heck is this working?

float soundTimer = sys.getTime();
float propTimer = soundTimer;

neither of these are static values
sys.getTime propagates to both vars
both vars are used in comparison to sys.getTime

gonna set them to static


Woo!! TDM won't start with them set to static ...


19.11.2022 08:36

administrator   ~0015452

This is game script, not C++.


05.12.2023 01:38

developer   ~0016213

Please try to reproduce this now that rev 10499 FPS fix is applied


05.12.2023 08:57

administrator   ~0016217

There is no reason why the issue would go away after fixing player physics.
It might have been fixed with some other changes, but I think that's unlikely.


06.12.2023 15:37

developer   ~0016220

No problem still happens.
Also, with com_fixedTic 0, the issue isn't present, and also the noise arrow bounces around like it used to.
But with com_fixedTic 1, the arrow is still while on the ground.

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