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0006482The Dark ModCodingpublic10.02.2024 09:19
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Target VersionTDM 2.13 
Summary0006482: Fix no spawnfunc or spawnclass warning on aas_flood
DescriptionHere is the warning:
  WARNING:aas32_flood doesn't include a spawnfunc or spawnclass on 'aas32_flood_1'.

Given that aas_flood only exists as a hint for dmap to generate AAS data, entities of this class should not even try to spawn.
Steps To Reproduce1) Install "Arena" FM.
2) Start game.
3) See the warning in console.
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10.02.2024 09:19

administrator   ~0016493

We already have a concept called "inhibit spawn", see function idGameLocal::InhibitEntitySpawn.
However, right now it is hardcoded in C++ code.

I think we should support some spawnarg like "inhibit_spawn" for that.
Then just add this spawnarg to aasXX_flood entityDefs.

Also I'd say add this spawnarg to func_group entityDef and remove the hardcoded case from C++ code.

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