Scheduled For Release 01/02/2024
0006270: [Coding] Multiloot feature breaks game sometimes
0006273: [Sound System] Feature request: EFX preset spawnarg for Location Entities
0006245: [Tweaking] Fixing the console warnings (pt2)
0006244: [Physics] Forcefield impulse increases with FPS
0002935: [Physics] Mines tossed onto a thin func_static can have a physics problem
0005896: [Feature proposal] Add screenshots to Tracy profiling
0005889: [Graphics] Finalize volumetric fog lights
0004975: [GUI] Add proper scaling to the new inventory grid
0005906: [Physics] Dropping dead or KO'ed AI into water falls slowly
0005867: [Graphics] Try to support interactions on projected decals
0003135: [Coding] Add per-pixel material definitions ("material maps")
0006262: [Sound System] Allow subtitles to display beyond sound duration (stgatilov)
0006099: [Coding] Entity bounds not conservative for animated models (stgatilov)
0005892: [Feature proposal] Cant mantle while carring a body (nbohr1more)
0005998: [Coding] Can we suppress Sys_QueEvent: Overflow console warnings ?
0006254: [Physics] AI ragdolls not sustaining any damage from any fall height
0005282: [GUI] Readables look stretched in widescreen modes
0005307: [Graphics] Accountant 1: machine arrows have black background
0004980: [Graphics] Front-facing shadow face casts back-shadow when it should not (cabalistic)
0005575: [Sound] When Uncapped FPS is Off, Video Cutscene Loses Audio Sync
0006117: [GUI] Notes/Message in upper-left corner fade in has wrong first frame (duzenko)
0005666: [Sound System] Shooting a noise arrow then picking it up, sound keeps playing - at HIGH FPS
0005772: [Script/Def] Ambient sound: volume does not change if sound is the same
0006291: [Graphics] Use particle softening for all particle types? (stgatilov)
0006271: [Graphics] Merge old and new backend (stgatilov)
0006264: [Sound System] Subtitle improvements (stgatilov)
0006253: [Coding] Third-party libraries update and conan 2 (stgatilov)
0006257: [Feature proposal] Add auto-search bodies option (Daft Mugi)
0005172: [Coding] Improve interaction culling: case when player-visible object is not visible from light (stgatilov)
0005190: [Coding] Frontend optimizations due to connectedness of entities/surfaces (stgatilov)
0006224: [Feature proposal] Extend location separator dmap warnings to portal settings (stgatilov)
0006091: [AI] Idle animations can cause ai to see the player behind him. (Obsttorte)
0006214: [Graphics] Cleaning the scissors mess (stgatilov)
0005239: [Graphics] Reflection probes support in the engine (cabalistic)
0004915: [GUI] Create HD version of briefing_video (Goldwell)
0004109: [Coding] Updates not showing up in the internal downloader if 'VERSION' of a mission isn't updated (stgatilov)
0005189: [Coding] noshadows mask spawnarg for shadows optimization (stgatilov)
0004352: [Feature proposal] Add Vine Arrow Practice to the Training Mission (kingsal)
0005835: [Coding] Refactor: merge cubic and other lights (stgatilov)
0006164: [GUI] New features in GUI engine (stgatilov)
0005333: [Coding] Reimplement AF editor: either in-game with FLTK, or in DarkRadiant with game connection (stgatilov)
0004634: [Graphics] Decal depth fighting (Inn Business: "rug in tavern is not smooth") (stgatilov)
0005600: [Coding] Crashes due to cvarSystem not being threadsafe (stgatilov)
0005670: [Graphics] Overbright pixels (cabalistic)
0005915: [Distribution] Investigate storing uncompressed FMs in SVN (stgatilov)
0004726: [Distribution] Check I18N links on Mission web pages (nbohr1more)
0005656: [Saving/Loading] Saves broken if "darkmod" occurs in path twice (stgatilov)
0005284: [Graphics] Remove outdated rendering cvars (cabalistic)
0005169: [Coding] Clean multithreading routines (cabalistic)
0006296: [Graphics] CreateLightDefInteractions optimization (stgatilov)
0006293: [Models] Please add to core mod (nbohr1more)
0006289: [Models] Please added the following covered models to TDM 2.12 (nbohr1more)
0005868: [Graphics] Interactions rendering with polygonOffset (stgatilov)
0006280: [Coding] Default constructor and initialization (stgatilov)
0006283: [Coding] Support aspect ratio corrections for fonts (stgatilov)
0006282: [Graphics] Add noPortalFog flag to light entities (nbohr1more)
0006279: [Coding] Clarify matrix conventions in the code (stgatilov)
0006256: [Coding] Auto lock picking cannot succeed on first attempt (stgatilov)
0005990: [Coding] Entity scissors sometimes loose (stgatilov)
0006242: [Coding] cvar 'tdm_toggle_creep' does nothing (nbohr1more)
0005459: [Coding] Optimize idRenderWorldLocal::CreateLightDefInteractions for ambient_world light (stgatilov)
0005285: [Graphics] Remove old backend's depth/interaction/stencil stages (cabalistic)
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