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0006091The Dark ModAIpublic05.12.2023 01:17
ReporterObsttorte Assigned ToObsttorte  
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Product VersionTDM 2.10 
Target VersionTDM 2.13 
Summary0006091: Idle animations can cause ai to see the player behind him.
DescriptionSome idle animations causes the ai to turn their head and chest in a way that allows them to see the player standing directly behind them. That is not what players expect and adds an unnecessary random element to pickpocketing and blackjacking.

The idea is to create a blind spot in the back of the ai depending on its fov settings where the ai is not able to spot anything.
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23.12.2022 18:47

developer   ~0015623

Last edited: 08.01.2023 18:39

@Obsttorte will you have time to work on this before the end of 2.11 beta?

It seems that this stalled on a definition of "behind the AI".

To me, you need orientation markers on the head to designate hair, top, eyes then make the behind vector
the line that runs perpendicular to the line that traverses both eyes and travels backward toward the hair at the back of the head.

More than 2 weeks with no response. Moving to 2.12

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