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greebo greebo master 2020-09-28 16:21:39 master 0d1aa0cb
Affected Issues  0005346: TDM Game Connection Plugin
Changeset 0005346: Port most changes of commit 88085f5a56a4f396b88fb1df52187f1550a937c1 from orbweaver/master.
Create the VC++ project, adjust code to fit the recent architectural changes.
mod - include/precompiled_main.h Diff File
mod - plugins/dm.gameconnection/DiffDoom3MapWriter.cpp Diff File
mod - plugins/dm.gameconnection/DiffDoom3MapWriter.h Diff File
mod - plugins/dm.gameconnection/DiffStatus.h Diff File
mod - plugins/dm.gameconnection/GameConnection.cpp Diff File
mod - plugins/dm.gameconnection/MapObserver.cpp Diff File
mod - plugins/dm.gameconnection/MapObserver.h Diff File
mod - plugins/dm.gameconnection/clsocket/StatTimer.h Diff File
mod - radiant/ui/UserInterfaceModule.cpp Diff File
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