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greebo greebo declmanager 2022-06-19 14:08:01 declmanager 639bdeaf
Affected Issues  0005977: Improve Declaration Block Parsing
Changeset 0005977: Start migrating SoundManager to use the DeclarationManager's parsing infrastructure instead of a custom threaded parser.
mod - include/ideclmanager.h Diff File
mod - include/ifilesystem.h Diff File
mod - include/isound.h Diff File
mod - plugins/script/interfaces/SoundInterface.h Diff File
mod - plugins/sound/SoundFileLoader.h Diff File
mod - plugins/sound/SoundManager.cpp Diff File
mod - plugins/sound/SoundManager.h Diff File
mod - plugins/sound/SoundShader.h Diff File
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mod - radiant/ui/common/SoundShaderDefinitionView.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/ui/common/SoundShaderPreview.cpp Diff File
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mod - radiantcore/decl/DeclarationManager.cpp Diff File
mod - radiantcore/decl/DeclarationManager.h Diff File
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mod - radiantcore/decl/DeclarationParser.h Diff File
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