Scheduled For Release 01/02/2024
0006490: [Graphics] Incorrect Specular Response on Translucent Materials in Stencil Shadows Implementation (stgatilov)
0005172: [Coding] Improve interaction culling: case when player-visible object is not visible from light (stgatilov)
0006425: [Mapping] See through ceiling glitch when mantling top shelf (Daft Mugi)
0006264: [Sound System] Subtitle improvements (stgatilov)
0006285: [Models] church_altar.pfb prefab missing an entire layer of steps (nbohr1more)
0006316: [Feature proposal] Add Hold Frob for Alternate Interaction (Daft Mugi)
0006478: [Textures] Incorrect autumn skins for bush_small/large models, lack of editor image (Amadeus)
0006479: [Models] Backplate in switch prefab has incorrect skin (Amadeus)
0005284: [Graphics] Remove outdated rendering cvars (stgatilov)
0006457: [Models] Incorrect frobstage_texture for a number of sign models (Amadeus)
0006459: [Mapping] Quality-of-life and bug fixes for Merry Chest prefabs (Amadeus)
0006281: [Textures] blocks_large_sandstone material file calls incorrect diffusemap (Amadeus)
0006464: [Textures] Material "stone/sculpted/rough_grey_dirty_sepia_grey_trim" has wrong normal map. (Amadeus)
0004668: [Textures] textures/darkmod/nature/dirt/dirt_packed_muddy_local.tga does not tile seamlessly (Amadeus)
0006475: [Textures] - incorrect entry - cloth_coarse_cream_dirty (Amadeus)
0004631: [Textures] textures/darkmod/stone/brick/red_sloppymortar_local.tga does not tile properly (Amadeus)
0006355: [Textures] Normal texture for banners broken. (Amadeus)
0006474: [Def / Setup] atdm:fireplace_wooden - def attached models floating above main model (Amadeus)
0004352: [Feature proposal] Add Vine Arrow Practice to the Training Mission (nbohr1more)
0006460: [Feature proposal] Add canCloseDoors spawnarg (Daft Mugi)
0006458: [Coding] Toggled run state not restored on game load (Daft Mugi)
0006240: [GUI] Create non-story "speech" English subtitle files for stock AI characters (nbohr1more)
0006456: [Def / Setup] Make rat and spider ragdolls non-shoulderable by default (Daft Mugi)
0006348: [Sound] Rebalance some player footstep volumes (Daft Mugi)
0006343: [Animation] Increase mantle speed (Daft Mugi)
0006331: [Coding] Add viewpos to player HUD and screenshot (Daft Mugi)
0006330: [Sound System] Looping WAV sounds continue playing in main menu (stgatilov)
0006441: [Textures] Request to add texture: Ash_and_coals (nbohr1more)
0006440: [Textures] Mis-aligned normal (nbohr1more)
0006352: [Sound] Vocal clips for Lady02 untrimmed; impedes captioning (Dragofer)
0006284: [Sound System] Renaming of a few Wench sound files (Dragofer)
0006435: [Textures] Missing texture: - textures/darkmod/carpet/runners/ornate_red_black03_end_ed (nbohr1more)
0006363: [Graphics] When diving everything becomes black (stgatilov)
0006300: [Coding] Refactor idImage code for CPU-resident textures (stgatilov)
0006359: [Design/Coding] LOD system - min_lod_bias broken (stgatilov)
0006433: [Models] Broken models: gaps in mesh (nbohr1more)
0006337: [GUI] Misalignment in mission lists (stgatilov)
0006424: [Graphics] Remote camera rendering gives warning and breaks sky (stgatilov)
0006344: [GUI] Remove "Show Menu Tooltips" from main menu (Daft Mugi)
0006336: [Coding] Support several independent user addon scripts. (stgatilov)
0006321: [Textures] Weird textures issue w/SVN (TDM 2.12) (stgatilov)
0006320: [Feature proposal] Add New Lean (Daft Mugi)
0006356: [Models] Seperate parts version of window01_curtains01.lwo: requested my Amadeus (nbohr1more)
0005307: [Graphics] Accountant 1: machine arrows have black background (stgatilov)
0006340: [Graphics] Discourage output color depending on input alpha due to gl_dst_alpha (stgatilov)
0002758: [GUI] Arms detach from body on pause (Daft Mugi)
0006214: [Graphics] Scissoring issue on low renderscale (stgatilov)
0006313: [Coding] Readable GUI sometimes gets stuck on screen (blank) (stgatilov)
0006271: [Graphics] Merge old and new backend (stgatilov)
0006306: [Coding] Deprecate parallel lights (stgatilov)
0006228: [Graphics] Fog has banding in "Marsh of Rahena"
0005915: [Distribution] Investigate storing uncompressed FMs in SVN (stgatilov)
0006270: [Coding] Multiloot feature breaks game sometimes (Daft Mugi)
0006345: [Script/Def] Moor ragdoll def uses non-existent model (Dragofer)
0006259: [Coding] Player falls through moving platform on shouldering animation (STiFU)
0006329: [Script/Def] CFrobLock doesn't support basic "locked" script events (Dragofer)
0006319: [Feature proposal] Allow weapon select while climbing and mantling (Daft Mugi)
0006342: [GUI] Add a "Fade In Fast" Option for the FrobHelper (STiFU)
0006289: [Models] Please added the following covered models to TDM 2.12 (Dragofer)
0006333: [Coding] Jumping player sometimes pauses at top on very high FPS (stgatilov)
0006283: [Coding] Support aspect ratio corrections for fonts (stgatilov)
0005892: [Feature proposal] Cant mantle while carring a body (nbohr1more)
0006294: [GUI] Final save name is cut off in the GUI (stgatilov)
0006311: [GUI] Add usability/accessibility settings to menu (Daft Mugi)
0006318: [Coding] tdm_frobhelper_alwaysVisible is not always visible (Daft Mugi)
0006315: [Def / Setup] atdm:lamp_electric_square_3_lit_unattached - mistakes in def (nbohr1more)
0006257: [Feature proposal] Add auto-search bodies option (Daft Mugi)
0006310: [Feature proposal] Add simplified head bob cvar (Daft Mugi)
0006312: [Models] Borked UV's on Stove models (nbohr1more)
0006307: [TDM Installer] tdm_installer: fails to build: missing include: cstdint (stgatilov)
0006292: [Physics] Projectiles don't collide with player at certain angles (nbohr1more)
0006296: [Graphics] CreateLightDefInteractions optimization (stgatilov)
0006099: [Coding] Entity bounds not conservative for animated models (stgatilov)
0006262: [Sound System] Allow subtitles to display beyond sound duration (stgatilov)
0006224: [Feature proposal] Extend location separator dmap warnings to portal settings (stgatilov)
0006293: [Models] Please add to core mod (nbohr1more)
0005868: [Graphics] Interactions rendering with polygonOffset (stgatilov)
0006280: [Coding] Default constructor and initialization (stgatilov)
0006282: [Graphics] Add noPortalFog flag to light entities (nbohr1more)
0006279: [Coding] Clarify matrix conventions in the code (stgatilov)
0006256: [Coding] Auto lock picking cannot succeed on first attempt (stgatilov)
0005990: [Coding] Entity scissors sometimes loose (stgatilov)
0006242: [Coding] cvar 'tdm_toggle_creep' does nothing (nbohr1more)
0001872: [Sound] In-game sounds continue into "death" and "mission complete" videos (stgatilov)
0006277: [Mapping] Map causes engine crash when loaded (stgatilov)
0006244: [Physics] Forcefield impulse increases with FPS (stgatilov)
0005459: [Coding] Optimize idRenderWorldLocal::CreateLightDefInteractions for ambient_world light (stgatilov)
0005285: [Graphics] Remove old backend's depth/interaction/stencil stages (cabalistic)
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