Scheduled For Release 15/02/2021
0005186: [Mapping] Make prefabs with rotation hacks comply with new rules (stgatilov)
0005334: [Graphics] White rectangle blinks when in-game text appears
0004970: [Design/Coding] Avoid problems with rotation-resized models (stgatilov)
       0005251: [Graphics] Visual glitch - scissors?
0004825: [Graphics] Investigate approach to avoid/reduce light toggling on surfaces (stgatilov)
0004692: [Models] An openable version of display_case01.lwo (Dragofer)
0005489: [Models] Finish Rodin's Eve Statue (Dragofer)
0005438: [Textures] Editor (_ed) texture dosent reflect in-game texture. (nbohr1more)
0005487: [Graphics] "image_preload 0" breaks rendering if SSAO or Bloom are enabled (cabalistic)
0005433: [Coding] Random crash when dynamically loading textures (stgatilov)
0005320: [Design/Coding] When Always Run is enabled, the Creep modifier does nothing (AluminumHaste)
0005332: [Def / Setup] Dice thrower model missing (Dragofer)
0005037: [Mapping] dmap crashes on specific map (stgatilov)
0004233: [Coding] Crash during runAAS (stgatilov)
0005280: [Graphics] r_useDebugGroups crashes with AMD cards (cabalistic)
0005481: [Models] Ornate chandeliers look too bright because of duplicate geometry (Dragofer)
0004866: [Graphics] Make use of MultiDraw functions (cabalistic)
0005238: [Graphics] Reduce CPU draw call overhead in the backend (cabalistic)
0004341: [Sound] Conversation sound will abort during a save (stgatilov)
0005449: [Textures] Remove obsolete "Ambient Method" stages form materials (stgatilov)
0005272: [Def / Setup] Duplicate material/skin/sound defs causing console warnings at startup (beta 2.08) (Dragofer)
0005462: [Sound] Creeps: sound loss when frobbing closed horizontal door from above (stgatilov)
0005184: [Models] Issues with new manbeast/werebeast/zombie assets (Dragofer)
0005245: [Models] Broken prefab: chest_old_loot1 (Dragofer)
0004287: [Mapping] metal_safe prefab has a broken door (Dragofer)
0005463: [Mapping] Delete .darkradiant files from prefabs folder (Dragofer)
0005327: [Graphics] Mirror render broken (stgatilov)
0004946: [Graphics] Candle Flame Particle Behind Wall Shows in a Mirror (duzenko)
0004947: [Sound System] Add some form of impact sound to mantling
0005250: [Distribution] New differential update and weekly builds (stgatilov)
0005291: [Graphics] Gamma/brightness have no effect underwater (cabalistic)
0005316: [Design/Coding] Hot reload feature (stgatilov)
0005441: [Coding] r_useParallelAddModels crashes when the Lightgem is hidden via Gameplay Settings (stgatilov)
0005437: [Graphics] Particles: static collision with "linear" mapLayout (stgatilov)
0005409: [Coding] Unbinding entity B in C->B->A bind hierarchy broken (stgatilov)
0005216: [Script/Def] atdm:lamp_wall_gasflame03_lit - playing lit sound when extinguished/unlit (nbohr1more)
0005369: [Script/Def] Scripting: how to save condump (stgatilov)
0005349: [Coding] Implement priorities and checksums for FM download mirrors. (stgatilov)
0005138: [Coding] Refactor particle systems code (stgatilov)
0005136: [Graphics] Wrong bounds of particle system (stgatilov)
0005360: [TDM Updater] Error "Assertion pos != std::string::npos" when starting updater (stgatilov)
0005141: [Coding] idImage::ActuallyLoadImage should always load CPU-side data (stgatilov)
0005331: [Physics] Doors get stuck sometimes: neither player nor AI can open them (stgatilov)
0005322: [Coding] Allow paths with hyphens in skins (stgatilov)
0005318: [AI] Crash when opening golden door in "Hidden Hands: The Lost Citadel" (stgatilov)
0005302: [Coding] House of Locked Secrets: crash because inventory cursor points to empty category (stgatilov)
0005296: [Coding] Implement FP exceptions handling: crash on NaN (stgatilov)
0005294: [GUI] Some book fonts look wrong: thick & not antialiasing (stgatilov)
0005283: [Graphics] Update GLAD loader to GL 3.3 (stgatilov)
0005237: [Coding] Improve FBO management (cabalistic)
0005274: [Def / Setup] Elementals sometimes make zombie sounds (Dragofer)
0005273: [Def / Setup] Blue flame elementals added (Dragofer)
0005432: [Graphics] Pink plates (duzenko)
0005259: [AI] Crash in game code
0005163: [GUI] Allow to configure gamma/brightness in menu with quick preview
0004983: [Physics] AIs randomly dying with uncapped and low FPS
0005365: [Graphics] Portal Sky has been partially broken since 2.05 (duzenko)
0005028: [Coding] Crash on loading game in March of Rahena (EV_UpdateCameraTarget) (stgatilov)
0005165: [GUI] Add tooltip explanations to settings in graphics menu (stgatilov)
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