Scheduled For Release 19/11/2020
0005097: [GUI] Layer toggle controls can get out of sync (showing wrong icons) (greebo)
0005425: [Saving and loading] Automatic map saving can crash DarkRadiant (greebo)
0005430: [GUI] World geometry is blue and cannot be changed when no worldspawn entityDef is defined (greebo)
0005426: [Compilation/Build] Can't build Radiant on current arch due to pybind breaking change (greebo)
0005429: [Design/Coding] EntityClassManager vs. VirtualFileSystem initialisation order might prevent .def file parsing (greebo)
0005424: [Map Editing] Up/down strafe movement not working in camera free look mode (greebo)
0005417: [GUI] Texture Browser and Media Tab texture preview not repainting (in wxGTK 3.0.x) (greebo)
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