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0001038DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic25.08.2008 06:27
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Summary0001038: EAX Audio Settings Editor (EFX File)
DescriptionThings that would be nice to have in DR:
- Ability to select an area in the map and edit the EFX data for that area (ultimately writing to the EFX file)
- Store and edit named presets for audio settings (e.g., large stone ballroom, wood hallway, bathroom, cathedral, etc)

The presets would be easy, it's just storing a bunch of numbers associated with a string. Figuring out which area you're trying to edit the audio settings of and editing the corresponding entry in the EFX file could be more challenging:

EFX sound areas can be linked to an idLocation, and in DR you could just click on the info_location (the entity you need to place anyway to define the idLocation), and have the option to add EFX info. You could make it more fancy by knowing what location you were in if you click anywhere in space, but that takes more work because you have to replicate the idLocation flooding out to idLocationSeparators like in the D3 code.

EFX sound areas can also be linked directly to the portal area number, but this is more problematic to do in DR because AFAIK those portal area numbers don't get assigned until the map is compiled, and the process is closed source. We could maybe try to figure out the procedure used by looking at what the portal numbers end up being for various maps though.
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