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0001127The Dark ModObjectivespublic25.02.2012 06:31
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Summary0001127: Objectives: Implement "AI found item out of place" Objective
DescriptionWe have some framework code from SophisticatedZombie for AI finding items out of place, but we need to flesh this out, and also link it in to objectives so that AI_FIND_ITEM is triggered.

For moveables being out of place, we probably need a flag for whether the AI care about it (and/or a "high security" flag on idLocation). First iteration can just track position, a more complex system will track orientation and use user-supplied symmetry axes and degrees of symmetry. (e.g., a barrel has infinite rotational symmetry about the vertical axis, sword has 2-fold rotational symmetry about the long axis, etc).
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related to 0003031 assigneddemagogue Security Levels for Locations & AI (e.g., AI start friendly, but turn to enemy if see a crime in low sec area, etc) 


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