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0001430The Dark ModAIpublic10.10.2017 16:29
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Summary0001430: AI having trouble finding player by sound?

Sometimes it seems like the destination doesn't update, or maybe even updates incorrectly (away from the sound instead of toward it?), other times I worry it updates so fast (every footstep) that the AI never gets a chance to go anywhere, instead always deciding where to go (I could be wrong).

Also the weirdness of walk vs run based on distance. This is a good thing I'm sure, but for some reason it seems like I can actually reduce my danger level by getting closer to him (since he stops running). Might be an exploit.
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related to 0003707 new Moving while crouched does not affect lightgem 
related to 0004343 resolvedgrayman AI instantly lose track of the player on dark ledges 


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