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0001438The Dark ModPhysicspublic22.02.2021 03:49
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Summary0001438: Grabber: Can manipulate at infinite distance if object is not stuck
DescriptionIn most cases where you get far away from an object while holding it, it's because it is stuck, and the stuck code knows to drop it if you get too far away.

However in some cases you can get far away without it being stuck:

1. Dragging bodies on a ladder: When you move upwards holding the body, the body is "held down" by gravity, but doesn't actually register as stuck. If you frob a body and climb a ladder, you can still move the body around on the ground no matter how high you climb.

2. Holding heavy objects and running far away

We need some failsafe where objects are dropped if you get a certain distance away from them, regardless of whether they're stuck or not.
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related to 0000767 closedSpringheel Frob distance is way too far. 
related to 0004968 resolvedstgatilov Lockpicking: Running away from the lock does not cancel the sequence when you press and hold the frob-button 




17.10.2017 01:14

developer   ~0009508

Still a problem in v2.06

Very difficult to achieve but in "Return to the City" there is a tall ladder in the Builder complex where (with much effort) you can replicate the issue.


22.02.2021 03:49

reporter   ~0013711

It seems I've come across another corner case that triggers this, it sounds similar to the ladder case. If you drop a body in water and swim down to frob it, you can then swim as far away as you want and still move the body.

This may be an easier case to reproduce if someone takes up this issue.

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