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0001756DarkRadiantGeneralpublic16.04.2009 08:47
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Product Version0.9.12 
Summary0001756: Layers Suggestions
DescriptionSome suggestions for layers features that would be really useful:

* Active layer(s) (layer that new brushes go into, instead of just default). Since a brush/entity can be in multiple layers I guess this should be a mask.
* Separate toggle for layer visibility and layer selectable.
* Layers in a tree format, with hiden and selectable toggles applying to all child layers.
* Option to assign colors to different layers for 2d view, with colors applying to all child layers in layer tree (until they have another color assigned).
* A way of assigning multiple brushes/entities to a layer easily (eg, add all brushes with texture XYZ to layer ABC). This would probably mean a way to select brushes/entities by criteria, then you could use the normal move/add/remove to layer.

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13.04.2009 11:40

reporter   ~0002441

Ah sorry, just found my first point exists as 0000617.


16.04.2009 08:46

administrator   ~0002445

Wow, there's a lot of new functionality being suggested. ;)

Some of these points (like hierarchical layers or the coloured rendering) are quite some work to implement... I'll set this report to "acknowledged", please don't expect this anytime soon, as we've got a lot of TDM stuff going on with only a few people able to work on the editor.

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