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0001820DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic13.07.2009 13:18
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Product Version0.9.12 
Summary0001820: Texture lock unfriendliness for vertex dragging
DescriptionI suspect this might get tricky...

If you have texture lock on and drag a brush, the texture alignment is kept.
If you have texture lock on and select a brush face by selecting vertexes, and then drag to resize, of course the texture unfolds properly onto the brush as it is resized. This acts the same as normal face drag without vertexes. The texture is 'anchored' to the unselected vertexes, and the moving vertexes pass through the texture, unlocked.

However. If you are in vertex selection mode and select ALL vertexes for the sake of dragging the brush, texture alignment is NOT preserved, even with texture lock enabled.

When specifically would you want to vertex select drag a whole brush? Take the example of a room with floor, ceiling, walls and trim. You've decided the dimensions of the room are wrong, and need to be adjusted. You simply select all affected brushes, go into vertex select mode, select the vertexes that need moving, and drag them. For partially selected brushes, this works fine. For brushes that become completely selected, and therefore dragged instead of resized (e.g., pulling one wall out a distance), the texture alignment is lost. (I just spent about half an hour correcting a few rooms after I discovered it does this.)

One possible suggestion: detect when ALL vertexes on a brush are selected, and for that brush alone, treat it as a drag instead of a resize (preserve texture lock).
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10.07.2009 11:43

administrator   ~0002540

Does the same happen when you use Edge mode instead? I'm always using Edge mode to achieve what you just described.


13.07.2009 13:18

reporter   ~0002545

It appears that it does; I get the same prob with edge mode. To clarify the problem, a couple of images:
Note alignment of the column in this image. The mapper has realized that the hallway needs to be longer. One convenient way to do this is to select the relevant brushes, go into vert mode, select only the relevant verts, and then drag them. The problem is that by doing this, the brushes that are fully selected this way (all verts) do not texture lock as they normally would, but instead 'unwrap' as they would with vertex dragging. So this behavior is expected in one way, but unfortunate.
In this second image, we see the result. The column, after being moved as a whole, has lost lateral alignment, even with texture lock enabled.

It's not really that big of a deal, and if the mapper is aware (I was not) that this will happen, it can be avoided by not using this method to resize areas, instead doing fully selected brushes manually. My only real suggestion is to maybe detect which brushes are fully selected, and treat them different, as if texture lock applies... but maybe that's asking for troubles, and not really worth the efforts.

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