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0002220The Dark ModCodingpublic20.11.2011 21:48
ReporterSpringheel Assigned To 
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Fixed in VersionTDM 1.07 
Summary0002220: AI_USE key for suspicious object
DescriptionWe could use a "suspicious object" key for objects that AI should notice and be alerted by (the same way they notice weapons and blood). This could be used for arrows, as well as possibly moss, rope arrows, or mines.
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20.03.2011 21:06

administrator   ~0003765

Basically, this should operate like the current AIUSE_MISSING_ITEM_MARKER tag.

* meaning: The object is something suspicious
* chance to notice: "chanceNoticeSuspiciousItem"
* effects: If it doesn't belong to a friend, it will raise the level of alarm in the AI. AI plays "something suspicious" bark. It counts as evidence of an intruder. If alerted high enough, sets a flag to tell other AI that something suspicious has been seen.

Some kind of spawnarg would be needed, like missing_item ones, for chance to notice, and level of alert caused if noticed.


19.11.2011 05:25

administrator   ~0004162

We now have AIUSE_SUSPICIOUS, which adds to evidence of intruders.

Does that solve this issue's problem?


20.11.2011 21:47

administrator   ~0004171

Yes, I would consider this solved.

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