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0002271DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic20.06.2010 04:58
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Product Version1.3.1 
Summary0002271: Ability to modify only one brush in Texture Tool at a time from Surface Inspector
DescriptionThis is one I've wished for for a long time. Not sure how possible it is, but here's the request:

When you select a face, it shows up in the texture tool. When you select another face, it appears as well. If you want to edit just one of the faces, there are a number of tools to facilitate this; selection, dragging, flipping, etc. However, if you touch any of the controls on the Surface Inspector, the changes are applied to BOTH selected faces. If you deselect the face you don't want to edit, then it vanishes from the Texture Tool. Not useful, if you are trying to align the textures in some fancy or complex way. You have to either drag the one you want to edit -- which doesn't allow for much control -- or deselect the other, edit the one, reselect the other, compare, etc. Both limited and tedious.

It'd be ideal if you could be viewing both faces in the Texture Tool (for comparison and alignment), but only edit ONE of them via the Surface Inspector. Perhaps select one face in TT and "lock" it? Wouldn't want to lose multi-edit possibility in the surface inspector, but it would really help to be able to limit it when desired.

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