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0002298DarkRadiantModelspublic10.07.2010 11:56
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Product Version1.3.2 
Summary0002298: OBJ model support
DescriptionObj models are one of the best supported formats for 3D models around but at the moment they are not loaded by the darkradiant model loader. I use darkradiant on a non doom3 platform where these are quite popular it would really help us to be able to do this. :)

Information on OBJ is available

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06.07.2010 12:17

administrator   ~0003106

There is an attribute in the XML file, in the install/games/ folder:

modeltypes="lwo ase md5mesh"

Adding "obj" to that list should do the trick for you. Can you confirm that?


06.07.2010 13:30

reporter   ~0003107

I tried that to no avail. no obj models appeared in the model viewer's list.


06.07.2010 15:13

administrator   ~0003108

For me that worked: Editing the file so that it contains this attribute in line 17:

modeltypes="lwo ase md5mesh obj"

Made the .obj I copied to models/darkmod/pagan_warrior.obj appear in the models list:

Does anything appear in the console when you try to load your OBJ file?


10.07.2010 11:56

reporter   ~0003111

ModuleRegistry: preparing to initialise module: ModelLoaderOBJ
   ModelLoaderOBJ needs dependency FileTypes
   ModelLoaderOBJ needs dependency ShaderCache
   ModelLoaderOBJ needs dependency VirtualFileSystem
ModuleRegistry: dependencies satisfied, invoking initialiser for ModelLoaderOBJ
PicoModelLoader: ModelLoaderOBJ initialised.

as expected the model loader is initialised but the models list is not populated with any models of the obj type, only ase, lwo and md5 are listed. When I enter the name of a model manually it loads the model without a texture (not reading the mtl?) and it requires a "rotation" "1 0 0 0 0 1 0 -1 0" property to be applied in order to be the correct orientation. No errors are reported in the console.

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