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0002304DarkRadiantGUIpublic20.07.2010 13:33
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned To 
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PlatformWin32OSWindowsOS VersionXP
Product Version1.3.2 
Summary0002304: Texture Tool often loses window settings
DescriptionAt first I thought maybe it was my configuration, or a result of crashing/not shutting down properly before the window state could be saved. But it's happening far too often to be simply that. I have resized the Texture Tool dialog and then explicitly exited and relaunched DR, just so the setting would definitely be saved. And it works... but then at some point, several launches later, the Texture Tool is back to default small size and floating above my cam window again.

In short: it seems the Texture Tool is somehow occasionally losing its window dimensions and they reset to default. This is happening even while other dialogs do not (so it's not like a complete configuration loss or whatever). Maybe any crash of DR wipes the TT settings?
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18.07.2010 07:29

administrator   ~0003122

Maybe it's happening when you start and close DarkRadiant without using the Texture Tool (i.e. without the TT window being shown at all)?


20.07.2010 13:30

reporter   ~0003141

Damn. I gave this a shot thinking that was probably it, but it seems not. I'm able to shutdown and restart, having not even touched the tool, and the settings are restored. If I can find a reliable crash, I'll have to try and see if that's wiping it.


20.07.2010 13:33

reporter   ~0003142

Maybe I should add, I'm positioning it in two "risky" ways: it's on my second monitor, and it's overlapping the main window border. That said, so is my Entity Inspector, and that one is fine.

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