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0002423The Dark ModAIpublic03.05.2012 23:37
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Product VersionTDM 1.02 
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Summary0002423: Archers ignore enemy when there are interesting sounds
DescriptionWhen opposing archers shoot at each other, quite often some will go off to investigate an arrow that missed and hit a wall behind them. They're more interested in the broken arrow than they are in their enemy, and they simply get whacked from behind with arrows because the other guys are still shooting.

If an AI has an enemy, it ought to ignore sounds that would otherwise distract it.
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14.11.2010 19:16

viewer   ~0003292

Comment from Tels:

They should ignore these arrows. The question is, how do they know to ignore these arrows? Either:

* I am in combat (with an active enemy), so I ignore all other things (sounds best and easiest to me) (exception: damage done by another entity, either move out of the way (if it is f.i. a door) or fire at it (another enemy). Damage should always overrule, if I am in cover and shootin at someone, and if someone else is able to hit me, I need to do something about it.

* the arrow just fired at me came from an enemy, so I am not going to investigate it (that would need tracking for all arrows from where they came, but it might be silly if the player shoots one, too, and the guard walks straight past 10 arrows only to complain about the 11st one "hm this is not right". Also, you could distract guards on one side by shooting past them. Also, if we'd want this, we'd need to mark the player arrows so they are distinctly from AI arrows (red vs blue?) but then you could f.i. never steal an arrow from an archer (once in your inventory, all arrows are the same. And we don't want the player to carry a "bluemarker" just to recolor the arrow). I don't think this is going to work.


03.05.2012 23:37

viewer   ~0004526

When an AI has an enemy, he was turning off the visual stim from other enemies. This has to be left on for when the first enemy dies and others need to be recognized.

Ignore suspicious stims (typically stuck arrows) when in combat mode.

Keep AI from barking about getting hit if they’re in pain from taking damage when hit by a moveable.

rev 5421:



Fixing the problem of turning an AI toward a new enemy while already engaged with an enemy is more complex than the fix for this particular issue warrants, so that problem needs its own bugtracker issue.

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