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0000252The Dark ModMappingpublic04.10.2017 15:54
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Summary0000252: trigger_effect entity to trigger response effects.
DescriptionBtw, since we have these effects now, and code for executing them, it might be nice to be able to execute them outside of the stim/response system as well. You could make a target_do_effects or something like that, that uses the same code to just run through a series of effects like you are doing in the responses. That way a mapper could set up a list of effects and trigger it when they wanted to do easy scripting.
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related to 0003670 resolvedgrayman "Trigger" spawnarg on path nodes improper 




04.10.2017 15:46

developer   ~0009389

indicates this is possible now with Response Type "Trigger" and Stim Type "Trigger".

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