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0002540The Dark ModSoundpublic18.02.2013 00:26
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Product VersionTDM 1.03 
Summary0002540: AI-foodsteps on Func-statics
DescriptionIf AI´s (guards, builders, not sure for other creatures) do walk on Func-Statics they make a very loud sound that reminds me of the tile-shader-set.

Example is the beginning town-section of Bikerdude´s Cathedral-FM (latest release) when the patrolling Guard walks on the stairs (that are a FS). For the player-steps nothing changes however.
Also the beginning of NHAT2/3 had some little stone-FS´s in mud.

I don´t know but really would like to know where (shader?) these sounds are defined.
Steps To ReproduceWatch a guard walking on FS.
Additional InformationFunc-Statics let AI play only one (damn loud) step-sound, no matter what material.
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18.02.2013 00:25

administrator   ~0005071

I suggest that this is not a problem.

Many func_static surfaces, especially in the early days, are covered with monster_clip so that AI can walk on them.

There's no footstep sound associated with monster_clip, so when an AI walks on it, the code defaults to "snd_footstep" which itself defaults to the sound of a footstep on stone.

It's up to the mapper to use monster_clip or one of the tdm_nodrawsolid* textures for AI to walk on. Different versions of tdm_nodrawsolid* provide different footstep sounds when walked upon.

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