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0002564The Dark ModScript/Defpublic08.09.2019 19:08
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Product VersionTDM 1.04 
Summary0002564: add "toggleTargets" to tdm_light_holder script object
DescriptionCurrently light holders send On() or Off() signals to any bound/targetted children when they switch their state. Thatmeans any child lights or movers are always syncronized with the parent.

However, if you f.i. bind an unlit torch to a lit torch, it is not possible to have it that when the lit torch goes out, the unlit torch is lit. (It gets an Off() signal, too).

A new spawnarg "toggleTargets" (boolean) could switch that behavior, so that instead of On() or Off(), the signal Toggle() (Activate()) is sent.
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related to 0005050 new Electric lights don't toggle hide/show of targeted entities 


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