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0002608The Dark ModSEEDpublic09.09.2017 13:33
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Product VersionTDM 1.03 
Summary0002608: SEED: Random rotation and image maps
DescriptionWhen you place a SEED to spawn some grass (or even have a premade one), then they all look very alike, due to the issue that they all use the same image map with the same offset and scaling and also use the same angle on the SEED.

So add the ability to randomize these settings at the mappers request.
Additional InformationTODO:

* random_angle_min and random_angle_min - set SEED angle between these (0..360°)
* "map_rotate_min" and "map_rotate_max"
* "map_offset_min" "0.0" and * "map_offset_max" "1.0"


* "map" "splat, spots, pattern" - select one at random
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05.02.2011 11:06

developer   ~0003559

random parts for "map" are implemented, as well as a boolean spawnarg "random_angle". If true, the angle will be choosen between 0 and 360°.

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