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0002615The Dark ModScript/Defpublic09.10.2017 19:55
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Summary0002615: Need script even providing a relative rotation
DescriptionDoom3 script events seem to rotate relative to the world axes. In test/ a bell model was set rotating around its own axis using rotateOnce. This was fine while the bell was in its default vertical position. The bell is now tilted at 45 degrees. It still rotates around the world vertical axis when what is wanted is for the bell to rotate around its own vertical axis.
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21.02.2011 08:00

developer   ~0003620

I came across this same problem yesterday with a door on a sloping cabinet and I recall maybe a year ago a mapper had this problem too. Impossible to rotate the door correctly at an angle to one of the 3 planes. A combination of y,x,z produces strange effects. I feel sure that 3 or 4 years ago when I first experimented with doors I could turn a model door over and it still rotated correctly with no change to its rotate values.

However, what we do NOT want of course, is for current doors to be changed now. That would break all chest lids in existing maps for example. But some means to allow doors to be set up to rotate relative to the model, eg, an extra spawnarg. If that is not possible then at least if we have a separate entity that rotates relative to the model it might be used somehow on special doors, frob_peered or something. It would be a hack but at least possible whereas currently we cannot. I had to rip off my cabinet doors and throw them away. Not what I wanted.


21.02.2011 08:15

developer   ~0003621

test map is test/

This has a script that rotates a bell and a sloping cabinet whose doors cannot be set to open correctly.


09.10.2017 18:19

developer   ~0009435

Currently, you would need to use setAngularVelocity to change the rotation axis of a spawned rotator.


09.10.2017 19:55

developer   ~0009437

The work-around for sloping doors is

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