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0002617The Dark ModSEEDpublic09.09.2017 13:33
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Product VersionTDM 1.03 
Summary0002617: SEED: allow rotating the 2D plane where entities are spawned
DescriptionCurrently the 3D distribution of entities (before flooring them) is a 2D plane that is parallel to the floor (e.g. perpendicular to the z-axis).

This limits the entity placement to "down to the floor".

We should allow the "down-axis" to be rotated, so you could place entities on a wall, or even the ceiling. Tow angles (with min/max and an angle selected randomly between) would be enough to describe all possible rotations of the plane.

(The rotation around the z-axis can already be modified with the "angle" spawnarg on the SEED entitiy. Although we need here also a way to override this on a per-class basis).

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related to 0002618 new SEED: Implement sphere, circle or box distributions 


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