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0002629The Dark ModCodingpublic15.05.2013 15:28
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Product VersionTDM 1.04 
Summary0002629: hide_distance does not take entity size into account
DescriptionThere are a couple related bugs here:

* func_portals that close portal do not take the portal size into account, so very large portals can close just because you are very far from their center but still very close to the portal
* modifying the LOD bias via menu modifies the distances, but in some cases (for large entities) this makes the hide_distance too small so the entity hides even tho it should still be visible (think big statue from 800 units away)
* StaticMulti entities (entitites combined from multiple models) might cover a large area, but their hide_distance is determined by the distance player => origin. (The code already tries to work around that by only hiding entities that have 0 visible models, but this needs testing and confirmation that it works)
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related to 0002634 closedtels Need a way for the mapper to prevent lod_bias hiding important entities 


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