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0002630The Dark ModCodingpublic15.05.2013 15:28
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Product VersionTDM 1.04 
Summary0002630: lod_bias does not take entity size into account
DescriptionIf the user modifies the menu setting to get less details/objects, then this works fine for small (and/or insignificant) entities like grass. However, if the mapper sets up a house to disappear beyond X units, this distance would also be dropped and the house suddenly appears much earlier.

We need to take the size of the entity into account and stop the modifier from getting to low.
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related to 0002634 closedtels Need a way for the mapper to prevent lod_bias hiding important entities 




13.03.2011 16:31

reporter   ~0003754

In v1.05, setting the "Object Detail" setting to Low/Lower or Normal (e.g. anything <= 1.0 as lod_bias) will not modify the distance, so things will appear just as they did pre v1.03.

I think ideally the "visibility range" setting should be sep. out from the "Object detail" setting, plus the code needs to get smarter.

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