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0002835The Dark ModAIpublic09.10.2017 17:23
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Product VersionTDM 1.06 
Summary0002835: Need angles/offsets per attachment joint
DescriptionWhen you attach f.i. a key to the belt of an AI, the key can specifiy how it should be rotated/translated relative to the joint. However, on different AI the position of the attachment point itself must vary, or the key gets embedded into the AI's garment (forger, builder guard f.i.).

If this already exist, it needs to be documented.
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14.08.2011 22:47

administrator   ~0003982

There is specific info here:

And more generic info here:


09.10.2017 17:23

developer   ~0009434

scriptEvent void bindToJoint(entity master, string boneName, float rotateWithMaster);

    Fixes this entity's position and orientation relative to a bone on another entity, such that when the master's bone moves, so does this entity.

        master: the entity to bind to
        boneName: the bone name
        rotateWithMaster: -

    Spawnclasses responding to this event: idEntity

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