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0002979The Dark ModAIpublic24.11.2017 16:38
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Product VersionTDM 1.07 
Summary0002979: Allow AI to remove a moveable obstacle in their path
DescriptionWhen an AI walks into a moveable, a certain amount of impulse is applied to the moveable. Sometimes, for smaller objects, this is enough to kick the object clear of the AI's path.

However, many times the mass of the object is enough to not budge the object enough to clear the path, and the AI continues to walk into the object, sometimes circling around and coming back for another try.

AI should have the capability of either bending down and picking the object up and setting it to one side, or pushing it out of the way with a foot, or giving the object a good swift kick to displace it.

If the object's mass and size are within certain boundaries, the AI should be allowed to do this. If not, the AI will have to pound away until the situation changes or the object manages to begrudgingly move out of the way.
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