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0003014The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic28.03.2018 10:15
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Summary0003014: Feature: Slashable tapestries and other destructible objects
DescriptionAdd support to the engine so that certain specific models can be destroyed (fragmented) by a player sword strike. Objects to be destroyed might include boards, cobwebs, tapestries, etc. Doors are another possibility. Objects are indestructible by default.

Certain objects, such as boards, may require multiple slashes to break.

Steps To ReproduceThe video for Dram's Blackheart Manor mission has some basic slashable cobwebs.
Additional InformationAll
- Models initially block player movement
- Models may block AI sight depending on opacity
- Sound played
 - Noise may alert guards depending on the material

Level 0
- Model simply disappears when slashed

Level I
- Animated destruction of models
- Static animation

Level II
- Level I and:
- Simple fragments/splinters specific to the model generated
 - Physics systems drops them straight to the ground
 - Fragments may or may not be noticed by AI
 - Fragments may disappear
 - Fragment sounds

Level III
- Level II and:
- Different fragments/animation for each direction of player slash (top-down, left to right, right to left)

Level IV
- Dynamic destruction of models
 - Angle of player swing determines shape of fragments
 - All fragments of the model become loosened, fall to the ground to prevent complications
 - Static sounds
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The engine currently supports func_fracture entities (for breaking glass) and func_damageable entities for arbitrary objects, see:, which replaces hurt objects with "damaged" models & shaders through as many stages of "increasing damage" as you like to a final stage (or elimination). So I think almost everything in your list could be supported now. Since we can animate models, then you could animate damage with an animating damage model. You can trigger targets when the damage triggers, so that gets you your sound fx. So it's not a matter of engine support; it's already there. It's really just a matter of making the models & setting it all up. (I also added instructions in the Editing FAQ for mappers to use.)

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