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0003024The Dark ModModelspublic25.02.2012 13:53
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Summary0003024: light models that need tweaked
Description A few models have issues with lighting , would be nice to having lighting all wrapped up and tight in 1.08
Additional Informationmodels/darkmod/decorative/statues/statue_torch_left.ase and right, could use hands filled in with shadow, looks odd to see where hole with torch is.

 model looks good with shadows jumping, looks horrible with torch shadows jumping.

 ah, just noticed these are ase, hmm...

lantern_oilhand_02.lwo - the wire polys clip through glass badly

wall_gaslight02 and 03, wallight4. lwo's - the inside and outside of glass need separate smoothing groups, have bad shading when unlit

grill_light.lwo and grill_light_short.lwo
I think the cage should be double sided, but it needs to be polys as twosided doesn't work with shadows. Since the base is the same material slot as the cage it leaves a hole when turned off and casting a shadow. They'll rarely cast shadows so performance isn't a biggie, but they'll look better too when lit.

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17.02.2012 16:51

administrator   ~0004336

I can't do the .ase one but I'll handle the others.

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