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0003039The Dark ModCodingpublic29.02.2012 07:55
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Summary0003039: Add wind/current to the location system
DescriptionThere should be a few spawnargs, like min speed, max speed, gusting (e.g. is the flow rather stable, or does it go up/down violently), the direction (as a base direction, and a cone of variance), and the direction spread (is it mostly in the base direction with occasional outliers, or all over the place).

From these spawnargs the current flow should be calculated every frame, and then a force applied to all moveables/actors in the current location.

(bonus things like a field that is affected by obstacles can be done later).

This way you could simply set an outdoor location to "windy" and the system does the rest, including blowing smoke and flames in the right direction.
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