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0003213The Dark ModCodingpublic31.08.2012 09:32
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Summary0003213: triggers need "callobjectfunction"
DescriptionTrigger can currently only either activate their targets, or call a global script function.

The deficits here are:

* activating the target does different things depending on target, not depending go the trigger. So there is no way to only Open a door, but not close it, because activating the target might toggle it (instead of always sending the open signal)
* to work around that, one could use a function call. However, the global function does not take an argument for trigger_touch, so the function does not know which trigger called it. One would need one new function for each trigger in the script to work around that issue.

The current workaround for this is to place a trigger, and then link it with a target (f.i. atdm:target_callobjectfunction), which then can call the object funtion.

It would be good if "callobjectfunction" could be implemented on the trigger itself, as this saves one entity for each of these constructs (entities are quite expensive, esp. when they just act as a call-relay and do nothing otherwise).
Additional InformationAdding support for the following spawnargs on more triggers: "callobjectfuntion" which gets called for each target of the trigger, plus "pass_self" and "pass_activator".
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