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Summary0003249: Feature: Group textures according to theme
DescriptionWith our steadily growing asset base it becomes more and more difficult for mappers to find textures that go well together. This issue has been discussed on the forums (link below). Two doable approaches have been suggested so far:

# 1: Add tags to materials and allow the texture browser to be searched by tags. The downside of this approach is that the material definitions would have to be modified in order to add those tags. Of course, it'd also be possible to store those tags in external files, however there is the risk of material definitions and tag files going out of sync, e.g. when a material definition has been deleted, but it's tag file wasn't adjusted. Also this is basically just a bottom-up version of suggestion # 2, which has a big advantage over this version.

# 2: We let authors write "theme definitions", which basically just consist of a theme name and the names of the linked materials. Just like before, there is the risk of theme definitions and material definitions going out of sync, but we don't have to alter the material definitions. Theme definitions could be shared etc. Plus, we could have the theme names use a virtual folder structure, just like material definitions (which is great for maintaining a big theme library). A texture theme for luxurious bathrooms could for example look like this:
   Material A, Material B, ...
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In reference to option 2, if we called it a playlist mappers could just copy and past textures into said list inside DR. The list would just contain the info on the textures and wouldn't require any writing to the material definition at all.

It would be handy if the mapper was able to save the list to a file, so could include it with thier mission etc.



09.10.2012 18:16

administrator   ~0004901

I like the idea of the mapper controlling this inside DR, putting textures into different family groups of their own making.

I think that relying on tags or anything that lives in the material files will fail when new textures are added and the contributor forgets to add the tags (or whatever).

I've already experienced this failure with the addition of new stone textures that are vine-friendly, but where the contributor failed to add that to the material definition.


09.10.2012 21:08

developer   ~0004902

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that. I was thinking about a Themeeditor inside the texture browser. You just click "Create Theme", choose a name (i.e. virtual folder) for the theme and simply pick textures from within the texture browser. The textfiles would be created automatically. In a similar fashion, you'd be able to edit existing themes, with the option to remove textures from it as well.

Also, the texture editor would be toggleable between materialfolder based browsing and themefolder based browsing.


13.10.2012 09:31

developer   ~0004916

It has also been suggested to extend this thing to the whole assetbase. Themes would contain all kinds of things, like sounds, prefaby, materials etc.

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