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0003284The Dark ModAIpublic28.03.2018 10:35
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Product VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003284: Shadows on light source carrying AI
DescriptionThe AI shadow and the shadows of items attached to AI are on, when the AI is carrying a light source. Since the objects are very close to the light source, the effect is a fastly tumbling and turning disturbing looking shadow.

See video here:

The AI shadow can be turned off via spawnargs, but the shadow of spawned attached objects like weapons cannot be turned off by the mapper at all.

This should be addressed somehow. Maybe the shadows of AI and the shadows of all items attached to the AI should be automatically switched off if the AI is carrying a lantern or a torch? Even better if the shadows were switched on when the AI light source has been doused or the AI has dropped the light source? "noshadows 1" parameter should still probably override any reacivations of the shadows: if the object has "noshadows 1" the shadows should not be reactivated.
Steps To ReproduceMake any kind of AI with a attached light source.
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14.01.2013 20:52

administrator   ~0005011

Turning off AI shadows would have be discussed first...that has gameplay implications and I'm not sure it's a good idea. Turning off the shadows on attached objects when the AI has noshadows on is a good idea though. The reason that video looks odd is because the AI have no shadows but their weapons do.
Mortem Desino

Mortem Desino

21.01.2013 05:08

developer   ~0005022

If noshadows are set to the AI, a custom light texture can approximate the shadow of the AI holding the lantern (First for gameplay reasons, and second so we don't totally lose the aesthetic).

Since it's bound to the AI, the light texture rotates as the AI turns (visible at 0:32 -- nobleman at the far right). The biggest technical question is calling noShadows(1/0) when the torch or lantern is lit, dropped, or extinguished.


28.03.2018 10:35


@Sotha, can this be closed?

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