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0003299The Dark ModObjectivespublic26.01.2013 10:51
ReporterObsttorte Assigned To 
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Product VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003299: Objective conditions can not take effect on the same objective that caused an effect
DescriptionVia the objective conditions menue in the objectives editor it should be possible to change the state of an objective B once objecte A goes into a specific state. However, it is not possible to choose A=B.

For example: if I set "set obj A to INCOMPLETE when obj A is in state COMPLETE", this does not work.
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24.01.2013 09:44 Obsttorte New Issue
25.01.2013 14:03 Springheel Project DarkRadiant => The Dark Mod
26.01.2013 10:51 tels Category Map Editing => Objectives
26.01.2013 10:51 tels Product Version 1.7.2 => TDM 1.08