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0003302The Dark ModCodingpublic27.01.2013 00:12
ReporterObsttorte Assigned Totels  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 1.08 
Target VersionTDM 2.00Fixed in VersionTDM 2.00 
Summary0003302: Placing the playerstart inside a trigger_once_entityname causes crash.
DescriptionIf you set the place the playerstart inside a trigger_once_entityname entity which reacts to the player (by setting "entityname" "player1", the map will crash after you pressed the mouse button after map load. The error message is "Event overflow: possible infinite loop in script".
Steps To Reproducemake a brush, create entity trigger_once_entityname, set the spawnarg "entityname" "player1" on it, move the playerstart inside the trigger volume, start the map
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related to 0003308 new Targets of worldspawn are triggered in frame 0, but their script objects are initialized later 




26.01.2013 10:10

reporter   ~0005026

I cannot really replicate the issue, but I found another (or releated) bug: Putting warnings inside the code and adding a function shows this:

WARNING:idTrigger_EntityName 'trigger_once_entityname_1' TriggerAction was called
WARNING:idTrigger_EntityName 'trigger_once_entityname_1' was touched (next: 0, time 0)
[other messages]
WARNING:idTrigger_EntityName 'trigger_once_entityname_1' was touched (next: 1, time 16)
WARNING:idTrigger_EntityName 'trigger_once_entityname_1' TriggerAction was called

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myfunc called from
myfunc called from

Which indicates that the trigger fired twice, even tho it should only fire once. However, I cannot make it fire infinitely.

Can you please provide a small testmap that exhibits the crash?


26.01.2013 17:32

developer   ~0005030

Sorry. I forgot to mention that the trigger targets an electric lamp.


26.01.2013 17:36

developer (5,625 bytes)


26.01.2013 17:36

developer   ~0005031

File uploaded.


26.01.2013 20:47

reporter   ~0005032

Thank you, can now reproduce the crash.

Since the trigger is only triggered twice, the event queue shouldn't overflow, but who knows what's happening. Maybe it schedules the event before the event system is initialized? Investigating...


27.01.2013 00:11

reporter   ~0005035

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The reason the event queue overflowed was because the trigger was targeting a light. The trigger was then tiggered in frame number 0, while the light's script object is not initialized until frame number 1.

This caused the light to flip/flop between On/Off states because the script object thought the light was on, while the light thought it was off. This caused an event queue overflow rather quickly.

Triggers now get their nextTriggerTime set to 32 - since the first frame happens at game time 0, the second at 16 and the third at 32ms, this makes them trigger in frame number 3. At this point of time the script objects are initialized, so the targeted entity can react properly to the trigger.

Technically, this might be a chance that could change the timing of things that are triggered by triggers at map start, but in practical terms before this was unreliable - it might work, or it might crash, depending on spawn order, initialization order or whether you targeted a light or another entity.

Obsttorte said that targeting the light from worldspawn worked, so it is a bit unclear why it would crash with a trigger but not with worldspawn. However, since the worldspawn trigger happens in frame 0, and the light is initialized later on, this doesn't actually turn the light of at map start. This is tracked as a new bug 0003308.

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