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0003358The Dark ModAIpublic28.03.2013 00:19
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Product VersionTDM 1.08 
Target VersionTDM 2.00Fixed in VersionTDM 2.00 
Summary0003358: Cannonball damages player differently than AI
DescriptionA cannonball fired at an AI hurts him.

A cannonball fired at the player kills him.

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26.03.2013 19:18


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27.03.2013 01:22

administrator   ~0005244

If I change damage_cannonball to inherit from damage_moveable (the cannonball is a moveable), then the effect on the AI and the player is similar.

However, back when I was experimenting with dropping crates on AI, we decided that moveables should not kill AI.

What happens with a moveable is that it will take no more than 1/2 of the actor's health each time it hits.

So with each cannonball hit, the guard's health goes down like this:

100->50->25->12->6->3->1->1->1 ...

If the intent is to kill the guard with the cannonball (which makes sense), I need to add a spawnarg to damage_moveable that allows that to happen.


27.03.2013 12:09

administrator   ~0005245

In 1.08, moveables with enough mass can kill AI with small mass (<5). AI with larger mass aren't allowed to be killed.

By adding a "kill_all" spawnarg to damage_moveable, we'd skip the small mass check.

I would also have the code look at any "damage" spawnarg on the object itself, letting that override what's in damage_moveable.

Then the mapper could adjust the object's "damage" value to whatever, and tweak it so it takes N hits to kill.

Oddly enough, velocity isn't used. I don't remember exactly why, but I think it's because the code is run after the collision, at which point the velocity of the moveable could be anything, including moving away from the AI.


28.03.2013 00:17

administrator   ~0005248

Add “kill_all” spawnarg to damage_moveable. If “1”, moveables are allowed to kill AI. Default is “0”.

Code will read the "damage" spawnarg on the moveable, letting it override the "damage" setting in damage_moveable.

rev. 5727:



28.03.2013 00:19

administrator   ~0005249

Use this for damage_cannonball:

entityDef damage_cannonball
   "inherit" "atdm:damage_moveable"
   "damage" "15"
   "push" "6"
   "kill_all" "1"
   "editor_usage" "Damage effect when a cannon ball hits an AI. Gotta hurt, that one. heh."

The "damage" setting of "15" will kill an AI or the player in 2 or 3 strikes.

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