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0003396The Dark ModAIpublic10.05.2013 16:08
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Summary0003396: Need to distinguish between sleeping on bed and sleeping on floor

Well, it seems like the problem is that regular humanoids play a "sleep" --> "rise to sitting" --> "stand from sitting" pattern to get up. When getting up from the floor we just want a "sleep" --> "stand up" sequence.

We could disable the "stand from sitting" animation on zombies to get around the problem, but that wouldn't work for regular AI, who still need that animation for actually sitting.

We probably need the code to distinguish between sleeping on a bed and sleeping on the floor.
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10.05.2013 01:17

administrator   ~0005383

I'm thinking of a spawnarg on the zombie that says, "I use different lay down and get up anims".

Then the code looks for that spawnarg and does the right thing.

The lay down and get up anims in the scripts would play the correct anims.

What are the names of the zombie lay down and get up anims, and are they currently in SVN?


10.05.2013 01:29

administrator   ~0005384

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It would be nice to have a robust solution that could be used for all humanoid AI...something like "sleep_floor" "1" or something, which then tells the code to use alternate sleep animations: sleep_floor, stand_2_sleep and sleep_2_stand, or something like that.

The zombie.def lists these:

anim sleep_idle_lft models/md5/chars/undead/zombie/zombie_sleep.md5anim
    anim sit_2_sleep_lft models/md5/chars/undead/zombie/zombie_idle_2_sleep.md5anim
    anim sleep_2_sit_lft models/md5/chars/undead/zombie/zombie_sleep_2_idle.md5anim



10.05.2013 01:43

administrator   ~0005388

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Odd choice, continuing to use "sit" in the anim names when he doesn't sit.

Edit: Oh, I see the suggested names above that list.

I'll work on this. All the anims are in SVN?



10.05.2013 01:44

administrator   ~0005389

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Well, the current code only looks for those animation names (those are the ones used by regular humanoids, who do sit), so they have to be used to make it work.

edit: I think the animations are on SVN, but I haven't looked. Arcturus has them if they're not.



10.05.2013 01:46

administrator   ~0005390

No, they don't have to be used. I'd dup the anim scripts, have them use the proper anim names, and change the DLL to interrogate the "sleep_floor" flag and call for the correct anims.


10.05.2013 01:49

administrator   ~0005391

I see that the zombie uses "sleep_idle_lft" but has no "sleep_idle_rgt". Does this mean that he won't bother sliding left or right when he gets on the floor?


10.05.2013 01:57

administrator   ~0005392

Yes, he gets straight up.


10.05.2013 03:48

administrator   ~0005395

This is working now. I'll check the changes in tomorrow.

I tested a guard and the two zombie types, letting them lay down at map start, then awakening them with a noisemaker. When they were done searching, they went back to sleep.

The zombie looks good.


10.05.2013 16:08

administrator   ~0005396

Added script code for the zombie lay down and wake up anims. It sleeps on the floor instead of a bed.

Added “sleep_location” spawnarg to indicate whether an AI should sleep on the floor or on a bed.

Rev. 5753:


Rev. 13448:


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