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0003397The Dark ModSoundpublic11.05.2013 00:08
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Product VersionTDM 2.00 
Target VersionTDM 2.00Fixed in VersionTDM 2.00 
Summary0003397: Stange sound distortion in Let Sleeping Thieves Lie
DescriptionIn TDM 2.0, there is a weird VERY loud static sound playing throughout the inn. It seems to be loudest in the upstairs hallway.

It's strange because there are NO speaker entities anywhere near the inn. Must be some kind of location sound based around info_locationseparator_7?

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10.05.2013 00:48

administrator   ~0005382

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I can reproduce this now with standalone 2.0.



10.05.2013 01:32

administrator   ~0005385

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Well that's disconcertingly strange. Although the 1.08 version of the map does not have that sound on my computer, so that suggests some possible problem caused by 2.0.



10.05.2013 03:45

administrator   ~0005394

Given my mistake on the drowning death, I retested this mission and now I hear the nasty static on the second floor of the inn.

So it has nothing to do with sound cards or whatever; it's a problem with a sound in the mission.


10.05.2013 17:46

administrator   ~0005397

Someone reported another unusual sound in a mission also using an info_locationseparator entity. May be a connection.


10.05.2013 17:53

administrator   ~0005398

What mission, and where in the mission?


10.05.2013 19:28

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I checked the location entities and they don't use suspect sounds, and the inn and the street are both in the same location, and we don't hear the static in the street.

The problem is the gas lamp used in the inn. There are four of them, and they use this:

s_shader teleport_machine_idle

I don't see anything wrong with the sound definition, but I copied the four lamps to an empty map, started it up, and was flooded with the nasty static.

So there's something about that sound or the way it's used that's causing a problem. I haven't opened the ogg file in a sound editor yet; perhaps it's corrupt.

The lamp in question is atdm:lamp_gaslight_lit, which doesn't use this shader as a default. The mapper added the spawnarg to the lights.



10.05.2013 19:29

administrator   ~0005401

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Ah, ok, good catch. I wonder if it's an issue of using an .ogg when it needs to be a .wav? I'll look into it. It's a bit curious that gas lamps with flames are using a s_shader at all....



10.05.2013 21:25

administrator   ~0005402

If you look at the collection of gas lamps, you'll see that sound shader on a subset of them.

I suppose someone wanted them to have a hissing gas sound.


10.05.2013 21:39

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I don't quite understand what's going on. The soundshader values were copied directly from D3, but they seem extremely loud:

teleport_machine_idle {

    minDistance 10
    maxDistance 30
    volume 10



The actual sound file is not much louder than the original. Given a radius of 30 and a volume of 10, I would expect the sound to be quite loud, yet it's not in 1.08. Puzzling.



10.05.2013 21:59

administrator   ~0005404

If that's the D3 definition, it comments out the looping line.

Ours doesn't.

Should that matter?


10.05.2013 22:56

administrator   ~0005405

I just ran the map again in 1.08 and stood right next to the lights in the inn. I couldn't hear any hissing at all.

Ahh...could it be that the sound WOULD have been super loud if it had been looping, but because the original D3 had that commented out, the sound just played once and then stopped?


10.05.2013 23:18

administrator   ~0005406

I think you nailed it.

When I take our sound shader and comment out the looping line, I hear nothing at the gas lamps.

So now I can't hear hissing in 1.08 or 2.0.

I would just comment the looping line and leave it at that. Wrt those lamps, the mission would then play the same in 1.08 or 2.0. It's not what the map authors wanted, I'm sure, but I guess they didn't notice the lack of hiss in 1.08.


10.05.2013 23:46

administrator   ~0005407

Yes, I'll do that, and make an alternate looping soundshader for future use.


11.05.2013 00:08

administrator   ~0005408

When I loop that sound in a sound editor, it no way sounds like hissing gas.

It sounds like an electrical machine hum.

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