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0003409The Dark ModDef / Setuppublic12.05.2013 20:20
ReporterSpringheel Assigned ToSpringheel  
PrioritynormalSeveritynormalReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product VersionTDM 2.00 
Summary0003409: Zombies should have some kind of particle effect when damaged
DescriptionWe don't want blood, but some kind of puff of dust or something would be nice. This is where the sparks are set. I tried adding the candleflame snuff effect but it didn't work. Don't have time to look into it further right now.

// these aren't strictly necessary, but maybe
    // someone wants to make weak plate mail you can hit thru
    // or a metal robot that bleeds oil or something
    // for now, they just do sparks
    "smoke_wound_armor_plate" "chainsawstrike.prt"
    "smoke_wound_metal" "chainsawstrike.prt"
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