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0003417The Dark ModCodingpublic12.07.2013 21:51
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Summary0003417: Downloading Too Late says it failed, but it actually succeeded
DescriptionDownload "Too Late" and you get an error message that the download failed with:

        "#str_02146" "\n%d mission(s) couldn't be downloaded. Please check your disk space (or maybe some file is write protected) and try again."

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related to 0003261 resolvedtels Updater and in-game downloader choke on some HTTP responses 




15.05.2013 11:37

reporter   ~0005469

The reason for this stray message is that the download of the l10n.pk4 file fails. The mission only appears to be downloaded correctly, because the main PK4 file is there and the l10n file is optional.

Improving the warning message would be the way to deal with that.

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